Exwal prepaid card status post-WaveCrest

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Exwal, one of the “mysterious” debit card providers (no blog, no twitter) you may have seen in our list of bitcoin cards, is suddenly jumping into the card race together with Bitwala, Spectrocoin, TenX and Denaro, by announcing the new cards in March 2018.

The announcement, however, only takes place on their homepage – and they have an option to pre-register for the card. The company is not on twitter and does not run a blog – but they wold be huge as people are looking for honest companies that connect with customers, especially in crypto.

In any case it’s a good idea to follow this player and see if they manage to provide a working prepaid card to a wide range of countries.

Here’s the e-mail Exwal send you after you pre-order the card:

Thank you for enrolling in the EXWAL Prepaid Card Preorder. EXWAL is a safe and convenient way to receive and manage your cryptocurrency!

Your request for a Prepaid Card has been received and is being processed. We plan to start running our renewal service in a couple of weeks. We will send you the link for registration when we are ready.

Some of the benefits you will enjoy with your card are:

– Change your crypto and load your card with the fiat currency (USD or EUR) just with one click and get paid instantly on your card!
– Use your card anywhere debit cards are accepted – in-store, cafes and for online purchases.
– Get cash at ATMs.
– 50 000 limit for a verified customer per card.
– 1 document for verification!


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