Everything You Need to Know About ASKfm 2.0 Before Its Public Sale


ASKfm, the largest Q&A social network in the world, is moving the decentralized economy forward by tokenizing social interactions. Here’s everything you need to know about the project — currently undergoing a private token sale — before the ASKT sale is opened to the public.

What is ASKfm?

In its current state, ASKfm’s is a platform on which individuals are the primary asset in a new decentralized economy built on a new system of values. Now, ASKfm aims to be the first incentivized, decentralized Q&A social network, in which users may ask questions, answer questions, and receive cryptocurrency rewards for high-quality content.

The platform draws many parallels to traditional social networks, as it allows individuals to easily communicate, gain experience, and share knowledge with one another — without fearing any awkward confrontations.

However, ASKfm is about more than simply asking and answering questions. In essence, it’s a place for people to learn from interesting people, grow and develop as individuals, improve social skills, and increase self-confidence through secure and moderated peer-to-peer interaction.

ASKfm’s mission, in a broad sense, is to assist in the sharing of knowledge, opinions, and experience openly and independently. In doing so, the project aims to redefine the ways of both modern communication and modern learning on a global scale.

The next stage of the project, ASKfm 2.0, will present a high-quality user-generated content Q&A social network based on blockchain technology which connects users to the people who are most likely to help solve their problems.

The platform is centered around an educational aspect that will enhance the user experience with a series of incentive-based challenges that will include tutoring, online courses, and other informational activities.

How Does it Work?

How Does it Work?

The ASKfm platform is powered by its own internal cryptocurrency (ASKT).

Users who hold ASKT tokens are permitted to ask a question on the platform while also bidding a certain amount of tokens. The user being asked may choose to either answer the question or to decline. The quality and accuracy of the answer provided are then validated by independent moderators from within the community.

Everyone involved receives some form of benefit from the knowledge transaction, and users are rewarded for creating high-quality content — completely independent of advertising revenue. Explained by ASKfm 2.0 CEO Maksym Tsaryk:

We are settling our high-loaded blockchain Q&A platform — that’s why we are introducing a new cryptocurrency token not on a whim but out of conceptual necessity. Blockchain opens a path to democratic environments, to self-regulating economic models governed by market laws and mechanisms.


Those looking to participate in ASKfm’s high-profile Initial Coin Offering (ICO) should keep a close eye out for coming announcements, as the pre-sale and main sale dates currently remain unconfirmed. However, the platform’s private sale is already underway.

During the span of the ICO, 50 percent of ASKfm’s total 2 billion ASKT tokens will be offered to both investors and potential users — at the price of 0.1 USD per 1 ASKT.

Interested parties may learn more about the project, follow its industry-leading team, and peruse the details on ASKfm’s official website askfm.io. They’d also be wise to keep a lookout for further insights regarding the ICO release schedule and distribution mechanics.

What do you think of ASKfm’s plans to create a new decentralized economy of knowledge sharing? Are you interested in participating in the high-profile ICO? Let us know in the comments below!

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