Evareium Is All Set to Rewrite Real Estate’s Future Here and Now


Dubai, April 3, 2018: Evareium, a digital realty investment initiative, leverages blockchain to reinvent real estate’s future. Behind this revolutionary platform stands a groundbreaking company—Evarei Management LLC. Based in UAE, Evarei is a realty asset and management advisory firm that has an exceptional track record of setting up and managing private equity funds and real estate investment trusts.

By using blockchain technology and its other core components, Evareium has successfully developed Evareium. At press time, the project’s ICO sale is live and will go until April 30, 2018. Through the crowdsale, the investors will buy EVM tokens and will have an opportunity to own a clear stake in lucrative real estate investments that Evareium plans to build.

This feature is dedicated to exploring the reasons how this blockchain-powered digital initiative will reshape real estate’s future.

What is Evareium?

In simple words, Evareium is a digital realty investment ecosystem built over blockchain. The vision of Evarei behind creating this radical ecosystem is to develop a General Partner/Limited Partner fund within the Cayman Islands. These funds will be used for raising and deploying the capital initially in the real estate landscape of the GCC region. In its initial stages, the ecosystem’s focus will remain on Dubai and the UAE.

As Dubai has taken the first few steps of integrating blockchain within its governmental ecosystem, Evareium.io is targeted to those consumers who are aware of this new technology’s potential. In short, this ecosystem will be providing fresh ways for all those who look forward to digitally investing in real estate.

By doing so, this digital real estate ecosystem will even enable its users to sidestep several disadvantages that come with being a direct, single physical property owner. Now, such an innovative real estate ecosystem must have interesting origins—that is what will be explored in the upcoming section.

Evareium: The Origins

The CEO of Evareium, Stefan Hickmott, has been in Dubai since 2001 and has witnessed astronomical growth in the region’s real estate sector. Hickmott says:

I’ve noticed a heavy concentration of project capital generated from retail investors/owners, and especially the pre-selling of properties, but far less institutional capital. What’s surprising is that almost every developed city globally has a far larger proportion of institutional capital underpinning its real estate economy.

Evareium is engineered to bridge this yawning gap by successfully migrating the entire pool of capital investments it is raising; afterward, the ecosystem will be deploying the pool into a robust permanent institutional format. That way, the project will be responsible for developing an extremely valuable yet passive exposure to one of the most cherished asset classes present in the region.

Giving Real Estate the Digital Edge

Real estate is attracting huge volumes of speculators from across the world every day. However, inherently, as a physical asset, owning a real estate unit singlehandedly can have some serious drawbacks. Talking about drawbacks, the owner will need to find a tenant, collect rent, maintain the unit, and finally sell it at one point. All of this can drain the time of investors and may even have imperfect results.

At such times, Evareium comes into play by eliminating all these issues. The removal of all these time-consuming processes happens when the investors buy these tokens. The native crypto tokens of Evareium have several benefits ranging from profits to dividends accrued from a range of high-yield real estate projects. In the future, these tokens may also get listed on different exchanges; that is when this digital asset’s liquidity will go to the next level.

Because of these factors, many traders and real estate experts believe that Evareium will rewrite the future of real estate on the blockchain.

What Makes the Project Instantly Sellable?

The project is worth every investor’s attention because it will be creating a robust tokenized layer that will represent an asset’s ownership. With the presence of a complete layer, the transfer of interests is generally fast—thanks blockchain for that. So, the physical processes of managing the exchange of an asset, which can be cumbersome and costly, are eliminated then and there.

Since real estate is a highly liquid asset, the need for speed in transactions is more obvious. Traditionally, transacting property assets rapidly is usually challenging and eats away a lot of time. But, with Evareium, quick and streamlined transactions of such assets become a reality. That is why it has been stated that Evareium has what it takes to disrupt the traditional real estate investment models.

About Evareium

Evareium is a full-fledged ecosystem that will be tokenizing the whole commercial real estate world. The ecosystem will not be merely rethinking a real estate asset’s transaction part; rather, it will be restructuring a huge range of functional components of different real estate operations. Simply put, this ecosystem can successfully reimagine the way a number of real estate projects are built, bought, and sold.

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