Eticket4’s ICO: Possibility to Buy a Ticket at Any Time, Even When All Tickets Are Sold Out


Eticket4, an international p2p-marketplace for buying and selling tickets for sports, music, theater and other events to secondary market participants, announced the start of the ICO. In the first week, investors will receive a great bonus – 25%.

What is Eticket4?

Marketplace tickets “from hand” to sports events, concerts and any events. With the Eticket4 platform, more than 80,000 tickets for more than $ 2.3 million have already been sold.

Why Blockchain?

In order to make the system transparent, increase the speed of operations and act as a guarantor of transaction security, authenticity of tickets, timely payment and delivery.

Who Needs It?

People who did not have time to buy a ticket, but still want to be “inside”. Or people who really wanted to, but could not buy a ticket for a steep event (a concert of the world “star”, play-offs of UEFA Champions League, NHL, NBA or even the FIFA World Cup and etc), just because there are a lot of interested people.

Or for professional ticket brokers, for which Eticket4 collects buyers in one place and allows brokers not to think about marketing and advertising. Just do what you know best – to sell the best tickets for the best events.

How to Become Part of the Project?

Now you can register to the whitelist, in the first week of the ICO investors will receive bonuses of 25%. To join Eticket4 and to participate in its ICO, users may send BTC (Bitcoin) or ETH (Ethereum) and receive ET4 tokens in return at a price of 1/1000 ETH per token.

Why Do You Need ET4 Tokens?

ET4 tokens will allow their owners to get a number of advantages when buying or selling tickets through the Eticket4 platform. Thus, with the ET4 token, customers will be able to receive discounts up to 100% of the ticket price, and sellers will have access to the extended functionality of the analytical cabinet.

ET4 Tokens Are Provided with Real Liquidity

Eticket4 has an annual turnover of $2 million and already provides tokens with real, rather than speculative, liquidity. During the FIFA Confederations Cup ticket selling period, Eticket4 successfully entered the CIS countries and Eastern Europe markets having sold more than 80,000 tickets for the Cup matches and major performers’ shows. Now the company is ready to enter other markets. The technologies and working business model that Eticket4 offer are its unique advantage.

CEO Daniel Kruchinin:

The monthly growth of turnover only confirms that we are doing everything right, but at the same time it guarantees our investors that the ET4 tokens are provided with real liquidity.

You can take part in the project and change the secondary ticket market around the world here:

Images courtesy of Eticket4

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