ESR wallet – a wallet + payment card ICO to watch

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ESR wallet’s pre-ICO token sale just started – and there are many attractive bonuses at the moment, e.g. the pre-ICO investor bonuses:

Bonuses for Investors
Within 60 days upon the ICO end date a personalized multicurrency ESR Wallet card will be issued free of charge for each investor who has bought more than 10 ESR tokens during Pre-ICO and ICO period and delivered to their residential address of such investors.
Deposits with a high per annum rate will be available to each investor who has bought ESR tokens during Pre-ICO and ICO period: 20% in any cryptocurrency.

ESR wallet looks specifically interesting considering the recent scandal with the Monaco card, that used the “VISA” logo in all their promo materials and then suddenly removed it – turned out they had no deal with VISA at all. ESR wallet promo sports VISA logos too, and they say partnership is a done deal:

esr wallet visa master card parntership

In any case, no matter if you are “into” ICOs, ESR wallet is worth a look as another CRYPTO->FIAT plastic card provider if you wish to diversify your cryptocurrency assets.

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