Doing an End Run Around the Gatekeepers: How Native Video Box Could Help Upend the Realm of Digital Content Delivery


Imagine a world where websites could offer non-disruptive, relevant video content and attract the best advertisers to pay for it. That’s the vision of Native Video Box (NVB) founder and CEO Alexander Shishow and his team for their innovative video distribution blockchain solution. Shishow is confident that the ability to directly share revenues with the people who create and distribute value will set NVB apart from typical content hubs. To make that aspiration a reality, he’s assembled an impressive line-up of developers, marketing experts, and fintech advisors.

The Native Video Box development team is stacked with specialists in blockchain and AI technologies who offer the NVB team expertise and know-how about programmatic advertising systems. NVB’s advisory board includes the likes of Sonic Foundry Inc.’s VP of Operations, Andrew Playford; AdTech guru, Alexei Morozov; Advanced Cash CEO, Yaacov Bitton; ICOBox co-founder, Mike Raitsyn; and fintech entrepreneur and Angel investor, Gabriel Zanko, an expert in the nuances of holding a successful ICO, based on many years of experience.

Also joining the advisory board are Alexander Miheev, who brings AdTech expertise, along with fund negotiations, and a background in the formation of a network of publishers; legal advisor, Julian Zegelman who addresses the legal aspects and funds interaction; and Georgy Mikhaylets who specializes in finance and financial planning.

Monetizing a website usually means attracting advertising dollars, and the key to that is hosting top-quality, relevant content that draws in the audiences that marketers crave. There’s a necessary symbiotic relationship between content creators like bloggers and vloggers, distributors/publishers, and marketers alike, but the process of finding and matching the best content with advertisers is arduous and laden with intermediaries, who take a piece of the action at every step along the supply chain.

And, of course, the lion’s share of revenues goes to the big content gatekeepers like Facebook, YouTube, and Amazon. Shishow and his team are convinced their blockchain platform will disrupt this status quo by allowing content developers, publishers, and advertisers to find each other in a more organic and meaningful way. By cutting out all the go-betweens and big gatekeepers, NVB says they can share up to 75% of revenues with content developers and publishers directly.

Native Video Box Advisor - Andrew Playford

Andrew Playford, Sr. VP of Operations at Sonic Foundry, Inc.


Andrew Playford, who is a world leader in automated video capture solutions and the subtleties of the video segment and expansion on to the global market, likes what he sees in Shishow’s team. Playford argues that the way revenues are presently dispersed is unacceptable, and the potential for deception with current technology is through the roof. He points out that digital fraud cost advertisers over $7 billion last year, which is 50% of the total ad spread for the whole year. NVB’s blockchain technology circumvents all these issues:

With the transparency and efficiency that the NVB ecosystem creates, the middleman take will likely plummet, so those who create the value will also receive the value.

Playford is quick to add that NVB isn’t interested in being the next YouTube. They are, rather, a utility that allows all the players to find each other easily. “Their goal,” he observes, “is to provide the video infrastructure backbone to the long tail of content publishers.” For marketers that truly is the holy grail.

Native Video Box Advisor - Yaacov Bitton

Yaacov Bitton, CEO and Co-founder of Advanced Cash

Yaacov Bitton, a heavyweight in the crypto community and interaction with fiat currencies, agrees that NVB has a sound and forward-looking operational model:

The project has a strong team with a significant background, well-developed business model, and revolutionary idea.

He further argues

AdTech’s future lies in video advertising, and I believe that NVB will be able to take an important place in this future. After all, people watched videos on the internet long before Satoshi’s white paper publication and will still watch it after the rise and fall of many cryptocurrencies.

Native Video Box Advisor - Mike Raitsyn

ICOBox co-founder Mike Raitsyn

Native Video Box is currently in the third stage of their ICO, which offers a 10% discount until March 15, 2018. They are working with ICOBox co-founder Mike Raitsyn who brings to the table his expertise in strategic ideas on system development and long-term planning. Raitsyn says he was enthusiastic about joining the NVB advisory board because he thinks they are offering the ideal mix of innovation and solid technology that users are looking for.

This utility token ticks all of the boxes. […] NVB is offering a popular and innovative idea, a superior product, while it solves an industry- and user-wide problem with a top-quality project, all developed by an experienced and strong team.

The NVB ICO continues until April 15, 2018. For more information about Native Video Box, visit

How does NVB compare to other video content delivery platforms? What are your thoughts on the breadth of experience brought to the projet through its team and advisory board? Let us knwo in the comments below.

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