Eeewallet dot com possible scam alert review – suspicious service pumped by comment spam

Possible scam alert: be extra careful if you are using this service.

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Almost all the services promoted with comment spam are service affiliates dropping their referral links to get commissions when webmasters and comment readers sign up through their links. Normally, we don’t pay attention to spammy automated comments that contain referral links.

However, when the spam comments promote services without using any affiliate links, we’re getting extra vigilant. For instance, the furcoins/liviacoins scams are promoted that way: plain links to the homepage are dropped. This means that actual service owners promote their stuff that way, not affiliates.

This also means that creators of these services condone the shady promotion methods, which in turn raises concerns about legitimacy of their services. This is exactly what happened when several financial articles on CoinVigilance were hit with comment spam promoting a service called eeewallet dot com:


These are obviously not real comments. They promote several sites: eewallet dot com, blog at eeewallet dot com and wii4play dot com. The sites are all looking the same and make an impression of an exchange services where you can exchange online currencies for one another.

This is why the service looks extremely shady and we do not recommend using it:

1) Domain names

eeewallet and wii4play are the same site ported to two different domains. They did it to see which site performs best on Google; wii4play seems to be a dropped domain with previous backlinks.

2) Website copy quality

Spelling and formatting mistakes all over. Legitimate financial services never have sites like that:


3) Possibly fake registration info

The company registration info in the site’s footer is the same as on 3 sites indexed by google, and none of them look trustworthy – wordofcard dot com, eeewallet dot com, and wii4play dot com.

4) Fake information on site

The eeewallet / wii4play dot com homepage mentions the following:

2014 Winner of Best General Spend Prepaid Card and Best Privacy Prepaid Card
Prepaid365 Awards”

There is such an award, indeed – at least it existed until 2015 – but the 2014 winner is the Net+ prepaid MasterCard. Not anything else.

5) Blank blog

Their “blog” is just a set of generated pages that are supposed to rank on Google for keywords like “buying bitcoins through paypal”. They literally have just the titles and images:


If that is not enough to send you a signal to NOT send any funds to these exchange services, then you are very reckless.

Even if this was a legitimate service implemented in such a suspicious way, it’s best to give them a chance to redo their website(s) and address the shady promotion techniques.

Our verdict: avoid using this service and anything that looks like it.

  1. alf eli says

    i am the developer of this website system and it is not a scam we are still in early stages of development…
    your site looks a scam … we have many satisfied customers and we are in beta version, developing our blog and website but search engines just ranked us … you might have seen 10 comments that are Spam to test tools .. no one goes to a restaurant if it is empty i think you understand..
    anyway thanks for the free advertising and revision.

    1. Staff says

      Our site looks like a scam? 🙂 We do not take anyone’s money for anything.

      You are spamming blogs not to look like an empty restaurant? The point escapes me.

      See in the end of our article: “Even if this was a legitimate service implemented in such a suspicious way, it’s best to give them a chance to redo their website(s) and address the shady promotion techniques.”

      Good luck guys.

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