eCharge Takes the Hard Work out of Charging Your Electric Vehicle


As the popularity of both electric vehicles and cryptocurrencies is only set to increase, eCharge has a plan to stay ahead of the race.

“The horse is here to stay but the automobile is only a novelty, a fad.” This is probably one of the most infamous quotes in technology, proudly declared by the President of the Michigan Savings Bank in 1903, who at the time was attempting to dissuade investor interest in Henry Ford’s automobile venture.

There are many other well-known quotes made by sometimes well-known people about the future and what it holds. However, with the massive strides in technology happening every day, perceived fantastical ideas are more and more frequently becoming a reality, as is the case with electric vehicles (EV).

The Continued Rise of Electric Vehicles

As a viable alternative to traditional vehicles, EV owners can save on fuel and also decrease the vehicle’s carbon footprint in the global fight against climate change.  In fact, research shows that EVs could even be more affordable than their conventional counterparts by 2022, most likely fueling an increase in interest and ownership.

Another industry growing in awareness and adoption is the cryptocurrency market.  eCharge sees the potential in combining these two industries to present clients with an interesting solution to a growing problem.

eCharge is easy to use

How Cryptocurrency Can Get Your EV Charged up in No Time

Picture this: you’ve driven to your hotel destination and are stopping for the night.  You need to charge your EV but the hotel doesn’t have the facilities. You manage to find a charging station and have to content yourself with waiting in a long line before getting your car charged.

eCharge can help. The platform hopes to make recharging your EV as simple and efficient as possible. They will realize this aim by installing eCharge stations at a range of hotels. This means that customers will be able to charge up while they’re at a meeting, having lunch or taking a break. How convenient is that?

These eCharge stations will not only be installed for free, the electricity to supply it as well as back-end support is included in the installation package at no cost.  However, a small rental fee is applicable for hosting the charging station. So, what does the platform get in exchange? They’ll be one half of an exclusive and mutually beneficial collaboration with these hotels.

The platform will service locations in the DACH region, which include Germany and Austria. How would clients find these stations? Simple, just download the app and have a look at which hotels are offering the service.

The app also holds the platform’s ECH wallet, used to make a payment for the charging service. In fact, the charging process can be activated directly from the app itself.

ECH Token Information

Which brings us to the platform’s customized token.  We mentioned that it is the platform’s medium of exchange, but a great benefit is that it can actually be gifted to family and friends as well.  It will also be used as payment for any of eCharge’s possible future initiatives.

The platform’s presale is currently live, with one token costing €0.10. Contributors that sign up now will receive a 30% bonus.  There is a tiered bonus structure that will continue until the predetermined token amount of 370 million is sold.

Investors are required to purchase a minimum of 500 ECH tokens, which can only be purchased in ETH.  A start date for the ICO has not been scheduled yet, but interested parties are encouraged to check the platform for more information.

The value of ECH tokens are set to increase as every token used will be burned.  With fewer tokens in circulation, coupled with the steady increase in the adoption of EVs, means that more people will be looking to buy ECH tokens. The supply and demand principle will result in the remaining tokens increasing in price and value.

At the conclusion of the ICO, funds will be allocated as follows:

  • 53% – buying and installing charging stations at various locations;
  • 20% – sales and marketing the platform;
  • 10% – platform support;
  • 10% – operation and administrative support;
  • 5% – fostering future strategic partnerships through the platform’s Research and Development fund;
  • 2% – legal operations.

As the world moves towards a more sustainable and green approach, our vehicle choice has become a key driver in living an environmentally responsible life.  Because of this, electric vehicles are definitely the way of the future and as a result, so is eCharge.

For more information about eCharge, please visit their website or download their white paper.

Do you think that eCharge is providing a valuable service to clients?  Will the easy availability of charging stations increase EV adoption?  Let us know in the comments below!

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