How to earn Bitcoin with your website. Running BTC ads on blogs

If you keep wondering why people look for ways to cash out Bitcoin and why dozens of companies compete in the prepaid Bitcoin cards market – then you might be surprised how many people actually earn Bitcoin rather then buy it.

This post is dedicated to earning Bitcoin if you have a website. Any website or a blog will do, as long as you can control what you put on the site and it’s getting visitors and impressions.

A blogspot or a or a wix site will all work with the method described below, you do not have to own a standalone domain. The method lies in running ads with, an anonymous Bitcoin ad network.

Why earning Bitcoin from A-Ads is great while Bitcoin is cheap

We’re publishing this guide now, in June 2018, because BTC/USD rate has decreased after the major end-of-2017 pump. With BTC price balancing at somewhere around $6K, and even if it goes lower, Bitcoin gives you the best chance to accumulate some BTC.

Thing is, the network prices at A-ads are more or less tied to fiat, i.e. USD. First, many advertisers deposit USD to run their ads. Second, the network owners have to keep the prices reasonable for the market. That is, when Bitcoin is expensive, your ads earn less Bitcoin. Vice versa, low Bitcoin is the best time to plug an A-ads block onto your websites.

How to set up Bitcoin earning ads on your site

It’s all extremely simple due to the nature of service.

Head over to and click “create ad unit” or “earn”. Select the ad unit type, whether it will be placed on your site or in an app (yes you can earn Bitcoin with an app too), and if you want – experiment with affiliate offers of A-ads and their partners:

1-select ad unit type to earn bitcoin from your site

Normally the ‘adaptive’ ad size would be good to start and test the ads’ performance on your blog.

Filter the content that your ad block will be showing:

2adjust exclusions filter content for bitcoin ads

Note that the price you’d be getting per 1K impressions and per click will be changing as you check and uncheck boxes.

Then, set the parameters for withdrawing your earnings. You can either store them in your A-ads account or withdraw them directly to a BTC address, making the whole Bitcoin earning process absolutely hands-free, running on autopilot so to say:

3 set parameters for withdrawing bitcoin

The ad block will be showing whatever ads fit your filter criteria, your earnings in Bitcoin will accumulate and sent over your Bitcoin address once they reach the threshold.

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How to run your own ads and pay in Bitcoin for that.

Say, you’d like to promote your own product and audience of crypto-related sites generally fits your target audience. Chances are, A-ads will help you reach your customers. It’s simple to set up your own ads and launch them as well:

Head over to and click “create ad”.

Then, adjust the traffic settings and how your daily budget will be calculated:

1select traffic settings with a-ads daily budget cpm

Compose your ad:

2create ads to pay with bitcoin for

Finally, pay with Bitcoin. Your campaign is ready! Currently you can start running ads with as little as $8.5 in BTC equivalent:

campaign started deposit btc

Maximizing your ad blocks’ performance to earn more BTC

A-ads is a really flexible network that does not limit your activities in any way, unless you are trying to promote something truly illegal or harmful. You can place as many ad blocks on your page as you wish, you can host them on free blog platforms, – the list goes on. Experiment with all the parameters and earn some Bitcoin with your site while it’s low!

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