Don’t think of this as a “crash” or “dip”. Think of it as going back in time. You’ve been given a glimpse into the future and now you’re being given a chance to go back and buy at the lows. Take advantage.


Rather than an x/y axis of time/price, imagine that you are in a time machine that can travel into the future to see what things will be like when we gain more adoption and then go back in time to buy up all the juicy coins at discounts. I can’t believe the amount of FUD and discouragement I see in this sub. Is it caused by mostly noobs? Do you not actually believe in the technology you’re investing in? If not, please sell and get out. You’re not an early adopter and you don’t need to be here. If you are an early adopter and not some noob looking for a lambo, then you’re obviously here for a reason. Remember what brought you here to begin with and start stacking those coins like it’s the Summer of 2017!

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