Despite the Falling Market, Lynked.World Secures Impressive $5 Million in Support from Institutional Funds

The great news is out: Lynked.World was able to forge a strategic partnership with the leading blockchain investment firm Pecunio Investments. According to the freshly signed deal, Pecunio’s support of the project will amount to up to $5M.

Pecunio is a Dubai-based venture capital fund that holds an ever growing portfolio of blockchain companies with its most recent investments being in leading projects like CoinSeason, Alchemy, Photochain to name a few and is renowned for its rigorous evaluation of ICO projects, which it conducts based on strict due diligence principles. The company carefully selects the candidates, only working with those whose prospects are believed to be the best fit for integration with its PICO fund. This prudent strategy accomplishes two important goals: it ensures that the fund’s investors don’t miss out on a good investment opportunity, and it minimizing their risks.

“We strongly believe that Lynked.World will be the next generation Trust and Authenticity platform, because its technology is so advanced. Pecunio is pleased to partner with such a dedicated and creative team,” said Reinhard Berger, Pecunio’s CEO. “My heartfelt congratulations to Arun Kumar, the CEO and founder of Lynked.World, a company well positioned to redefine how trust and authenticity are established in the digital age. This is a project we will definitely be hearing about a lot in the future.”

“At Lynked.World, we envision, and are getting ready for a new era in the digital world, a time when blockchain technology will conclusively become the primary vehicle for ensuring trust and authenticity and validating and safeguarding digital identities, data and documents. We see our mission as to be the pioneers who will eliminate the key constraints around reliability and provide an innovative application platform for the next leap forward towards Web 3.0. Our mission will greatly benefit from our strategic partnership with Pecunio: Besides the deal’s obvious financial advantages for our project, we recognize Pecunio as a leading blockchain influencer. They have the tools and experience to create global brands for the blockchain market and an astonishing industry network, which we will now be able to leverage for our project,” said Arun Kumar, CEO and founder of Lynked.World.

Dima Zaitsev, Head of International PR of ICOBox, the world’s premier ICO service provider working with Lynked.World, is very happy about the new alliance: “In my experience, ICO projects with strong partnerships like the one between Lynked.World and Pecunio, have very high chances of becoming a success. In Lynked.World’s case, this chance is already a reality: they have already deployed their service throughout several Indian states, which will now be issuing birth certificates for its citizens using Lynked.World’s proprietary blockchain. Their actions speak louder than words!”

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Despite the Falling Market, Lynked.World Secures Impressive $5 Million in Support from Institutional Funds written by Bitcoinist @ October 15, 2018 Bitcoinist

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