Denaro: another promise of a working debit card (+coin, ICO)

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Denaro is a startup willing to increase spendability, or liquidity, of cryptocurrencies. They are running an ICO right now, though there is no product to test out yet. This is what the Denaro platform aims to do:

  • Connect IBAN bank accounts with crypto
  • Connect a prepaid debit card for crypto wallets
  • Let merchants accept both crypto and fiat for goods and services
  • Merge several cryptocurrencies into one wallet interface.

This is pretty much the same as what all the Bitcoin debit card providers have been doing, well, plus the nice merchant services bonus. However, every new debit card issuer counts, because most existing cards have been affected by the recent Visa and MasterCard ban of the card issuer, WaveCrest.

According to the roadmap, Denaro should have the cards ready for the public around May 2018. If the cards really prove to be working well – it’s worth the wait.

We’ll definitely keep watching this startup.


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