Delicious Proof that Roger Employs Sockpuppets!

Roger has said on several occasions, very loudly and sometimes while waving his middle finger at the camera, that he absolutely does not employ sockpuppet accounts of any kind.

Besides his failed ‘feed the birds’ project that let anyone on his website pay others to be twitter sockpuppets, it’s been hard to pin him down to actually employing them, until now.

After writing a particularly slanted article about Slush’s AsicBoost news over the weekend, Bitcoin dot com news writer Jamie Redmond got called out by Bitcoin Magazine’s writer Aaron van Wirdum on Twitter:

After Aaron called Jamie’s source “misinformed noise,” Jamie took it as an insult and exited the argument quickly, only to pick up the conversation as a sockpuppet called ‘Jonathan Herringbone.’

During that parlance, Jamie then forgot to switch his account back to Herringbone’s for one response, and answered as himself, talking about himself in the third person to continue the argument:

To make matters worse, Jamie then deleted his post, but not before the Internet Archive took a snapshot of it:

Jamie then Blocked Aaron, and followed up on the thread by claiming that he is under attack, and that Aaron is fabricating evidence against him:

This is Roger’s Senior writer at his newsdesk, clearly an employee. If Roger wants to keep claiming he never employs sockpuppets, he’d now have to fire Jamie.

Note: The stupid auto-mod removed the first attempt at this post because I typed a single word referring to bee-cee-h’s coin’s name. The automod needs an upgrade asap!

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