Decoin – another prepaid crypto card promise (ICO stage)

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DECOIN is yet another ambitious ICO that promises to release a working crypto debit card soon. The project is currently running an ICO so if you are interested you may take part in it here(we have not invested and we have no judgement over this ICO, please do your own research).

So far, from the users’ point of view (just the way we review all crypto cards), DECOIN’s main features will be:

1. Tied to it’s own currency D-TEP coin

They claim in press releases it’s something unique, though it is not, e.g. Minex has its’ own $mnx coin too, but that does not look like an advantage much;

2. 6.2% interest for the holders of D-TEP cryptocurrency

Time will tell if that would be of any use, the interest percentage is definitely not high enough to trigger ponzi suspicions, but it’s not really a feature worth looking forward to. E.g. Wirex has a 0,5% cryptoback that works already, which seems like a great way to get some of the BTC you spend back.

3. Worldwide availability of the platform

This claim is the most important one for the card users – if the prepaid crypto cards are issued to worldwide residents that alone will be enough to put Decoin high on the card provider list. Right now there are few options that work for non-EEA or US residents, Paycent’s Unionpay being just one of them.

Quick wrap-up

It’s an ICO that promises a prepaid crypto card tied to its’ own cryptocurrency. Holders of their D-TEP crypto will supposedly receive interest and be able to spend their coin worldwide. Let’s hope this project brings value to the people worldwide!

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