Decoin Announcing Pecunio as the First Company on Its $5m Crypto Index


Decoin, one of the latest cryptocurrency projects raised almost $2M still in its pre-sale phase, has just signed Pecunio as the very first company to be a part of its D-TEP Crypto Index (DCI).

The move comes as the company is developing additional benefits set to release with the Decoin initial coin offering. Besides the actual Decoins themselves, the project is launching an advanced exchange platform and other services to help investors stay up-to-date on movements in the markets. The D-TEP Crypto Index (DCI) is just one of many more indices to come in the future from Decoin, with future indices focusing on specific sectors and areas of industry.

What is Pecunio?

Pecunio is the first project who successfully completed their initial coin offering (ICO) raising more than $20,000,000 and was added to Decoin Index. The Decoin team chose Pecunio as the first company to officially be included in the index because of what the project is offering to the markets, especially when paired with Decoin.

Pecunio is making big waves in the cryptocurrency markets for a variety of reasons, but mainly for offering stability and ease of use to consumers. By offering actively managed cryptocurrency investment funds in a decentralized manner, Pecunio is breaking down the barriers to entry in the markets for newcomers. Additionally, Pecunio is offering a new coin that is 100% backed by gold, meaning that users will be able to avoid sharp market volatility in times of uneasiness.

How Does the D-TEP Crypto Index (DCI) Work?

Decoin’s team of financial analysts and researchers are compiling a list of 5-8 companies to create their first crypto index fund, the DCI. Companies can join the DCI by engaging in a coin swap with Decoin for their own cryptocurrency. That means that companies and projects that are able to pass the rigorous analysis and research of the Decoin team will then also be holding a portion of Decoins themselves. To make the process happen, the two companies swapped a total of $1 million worth of coins, showing not only a great interest in the DCI, but mutual trust in both companies as well. Because of that, DCI companies have a greater incentive to release their tokens on the Decoin exchange first and be more active on the D-TEP exchange over other exchanges.

Benefits to Decoin Holders

On top of the benefits that both Decoin and the DCI companies receive, there are added benefits to all Decoin holders as well. Because the Decoin platform is designed to be a revenue-sharing system to begin with, Decoin holders will also benefit from the DCI fund and other funds to come. As companies are added to the DCI, for a total valuation of $5 million, the profit from adding these selectively chosen companies will go to the coin holders as well.

Not only are investors getting access to a variety of some of the most cutting-edge projects in the industry, but investors save hours of time investigating, researching, and doing due diligence on a multitude of projects because the financial analysts and researchers on the Decoin team do that for them. Decoin is proud to announce the addition of Pecunio to the DCI, but it’s only the first of many!

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