Decentralized Payment Platform Tkeycoin DAO Releases Whitepaper


On February 16, the developers behind the decentralized payment platform Tkeycoin DAO released the project’s official whitepaper. What can be found in the new document and what prospects are waiting for the network participants?

The network has finally published the project documentation – White Paper TkeyCoin DAO. The document reveals the ideology of the entire decentralized platform and talks about cutting-edge technologies used by Tkeycoin.

The community has been waiting for this event for more than 3 weeks and accepted it with a positive assessment. Particular attention was paid to the document by large investors, for whom favorable conditions for obtaining a permanent share in the decentralized fund Tkeycoin.

What We Learned from the Tkeycoin DAO Whitepaper

  • TBP (Tkeycoin blockchain protocol) is able to handle over 500 000 transactions per second. A feature of the protocol in its flexible, modular implementation, whereby it is possible to create a set of protocols based on required functionality.
  • Proposed new economic mining models using tPOS (time-proof-of-stake) and RFW (remuneration for work) technologies.
  • Introduced a new unique encryption system Iron Atom Technology. A mixed encryption system based on the principles of computational complexity, the problem of factorizing large integers with natural entropy, provides absolute safety.
  • Tkeycoin DAO creates an internal and external market for the use of cryptocurrencies in various fields of economic activity. Users can exchange any cryptocurrency for various goods or services sellers using a secure and anonymous platform. The development of the international Tkeycoin marketplace will allow the platform to scale the technology at a quantum rate.
  • Together with the platform, a decentralized fund is being created, which will be financed through transaction commissions and merchant for business. The stock policy is economically beneficial to the project and makes it completely independent from third parties.

The new system is based on the fundamental economic principle when the value of an asset is a function of its utility and its deficit, so the developers have paid great attention to the economic model. The system itself will make a complex mathematical calculation and notify users in advance how much the user will be able to get coins for a certain period of time.

Network members of Tkeycoin DAO have the opportunity to implement their professional skills by receiving the reward of cryptocurrency TCD. The system of interaction of community members, based on the principles of Synergy, will create a solid foundation for building a fair economy Tkeycoin DAO for centuries.

According to the developers, Tkeycoin opens access to more advanced tools and a constantly evolving network, including a global marketplace of goods and services, within an honest, fair economy.

Images courtesy of Tkeycoin DAO

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