Dash Follows Market’s Upward Trend, Performing Good With Green Colour

Dash (DASH) –As the day opens up with sunshine, the crypto market continues its steady bullishness, and a big sign is coming from the crypto don, Bitcoin.

Apart from Bitcoin, the table has been mostly green with most coins adding to their value differently. Dash amongst the gaining altcoins in the market is performing beautifully.

At present, as the northward trend in the market continues, the total market cap of all Cryptocurrency (3,560 coins) stands as $297.59 billion, while the 24hrs market volume is $20.12 billion. Earlier in the market today, while Bitcoin dominated the market with a value increase, most altcoins suffered depression, but later, there came the change with greenish color governing the Market.

DASH in the market

Today, Dash has been relatively great with a sizeable increase. Starting the day with $244, Dash rose up to maintain a present price of $249, adding 2.54% to its value in the last 24hrs as at the time of writing this news according to Coinranking.

Dash price
Image Source: Coinranking

Before this time, Dash attained its highest value in the market today, $253 against Dollars. The altcoin later plunged and afterward, it rose up to the same level and now maintaining its present value.

Ranked 14th in the market, Dash has a 24 trade volume of $110.95 million, $2.05 billion market cap, and a total supply of 8.21 million DASH.

The coin, according to statistical data, has its total supply equivalent to its circulating supply.

Seeing a massive boom in December last year, Dash attained it all-time highest value in the market on December 22 with a record price of $1,482.

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Even though Dash is on the high side today, the last seven days of the altcoin has been marked by downfall in the market. Late last week, the value of the altcoin went up to $278 after starting the period with $246. Comparing the altcoin’s value in the last seven day with its present price, Dash went down by 4.28%.

Image Source: Coinranking

Contrarily, in the last 30 days, the altcoin added 5.28% to its value in the market.

Image Source: Coinranking


Surely, Dash is on the rise like most crypto coins in the market today, many observers have opined that it is time for the market trend to move northward, and undoubtedly, Dash will also be on the run alongside its contemporaries.


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