DASH debit card – withdraw DASH at ATMs and POS

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If you have a large amount of Dash coins that you’d like to spend or cash out directly, going for a prepaid debit card is the simplest solution. Right now there are several working Bitcoin debit cards, but with most of them your DASH would need to be converted to BTC. There is a direct DASH debit card though –

dash debit card NOT uquid

– and it’s NOT UQUID, even though Google still keeps them up. Uquid cards are currently a) not working b) denying withdrawals to customers and acting as an abandoned company. Stay away from Uquid until the situation clears.

There are two Dash card options at the moment: Spectrocoin and PayCent.

Spectrocoin Dash Card

Spectrocoin offers wallets for the following coins: BTC, DASH, ETH, BNK, XEM.

You can load you DASH coins directly into your wallet, order a prepaid card from them and cash out your DASH balance without converting it to BTC or ETH.

Spectrocoin is a legitimate card provider servicing only EEA countries and some others, like Armenia and UAE (use the locator on their site to check), but there is ONE problem with Spectrocoin. It’s the high BTC withdrawal fees that they call “network fees”, even though they are hard-coded inadjustable platform fees – learn more about the issue in our Spectrocoin review.

If you do not plan to withdraw BTC from them and just need your prepaid DASH debit card – go ahead and

Sign up to Spectrocoin.


PayCent Dash card

This card is an alternative solution in case if Spectrocoin does not ship cards to your country. PayCent offers Unionpay debit cards, and they ship them almost worldwide – however, the cards are more pricey than VISA or MasterCard. You will have to pay $140 for your PayCent card, but getting off VISA & MasterCrad grid feels great too. Diversification always costs more, but makes a lot of sense.

PayCent has partnered with DASH this summer so you will be able to load your PayCent account with DASH and cash it out directly without wasting any funds on conversion fees.

Sign up to PayCent and get your card by installing one of their apps:




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  1. Anonymous says

    Paycent card purchase price is crazy!

    1. Staff says

      Yes! But – it’s a card that works all over the world, so $140 might be perfect for anyone stuck without a working crypto debit card.

      Also check the MCO visa card prices – their highest level cards cost literally quarter a million dollars of investment: https://coinvigilance.com/mco-visa-card-review-crypto-com/ 🙂

      Hopefully more providers will release alterantive cards soon, our hopes are for MinexPay and Cryptopay to be the next

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