Cryptopia founder plans to set up new exchange

The founder of a recently shut down cryptocurrency exchange Cryptopia is planning to launch a new exchange called Assetylene, Decrypt Media writes. Cryptopia went into liquidation earlier this month following a $23 million breach in January.

Cryptopia’s founder Adam Clark departed from Cryptopia in early 2018 “due to new management wanting to take the company in a different path I fundamentally disagreed with,” Clark said. He started out creating a trading processor but ended up creating a whole trading engine. According to Clark, his new project offers fixes to “scaling problems” Cryptopia had.

Assetylene seems to be similar to TradeSatoshi exchange where Clark served as a senior developer.

“Cryptopia, Tradesatoshi and Assetylene obviously all look alike because I made/designed each platform, so I guess I have a style maybe,” he said.

Although still in beta with no official launch date, Clark promises the new exchange will be “New Zealand’s most advanced crypto trading platform.”

Cryptopia founder plans to set up new exchange written by Carol Gaszcz @ May 24, 2019 Carol Gaszcz

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