Cryptopay to issue crypto debit cards soon. 25% Coupon inside

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Cryptopay is one of the Bitcoin debit card providers that had their program terminated during the WaveCrest ban. During the year they’ve been looking for a solution to issue new cards and they seem to be approaching the release.

Here’s what Cryptopay support has told our staff via email:


Alina from Cryptopay

to me
Hi there,

Thank you for getting back to us!

We have already opened pre-order of cards for Russian Federation. As for the European card programme, from the technical perspective we are 100% ready for our new cards, but, we’re yet to receive the final legal approve from one of our issuing partners.

We don’t want to provide any timeframes or give any false promises, because we can’t control the delays in the process brought upon us by third-parties.

Please stay tuned, we will notify you of any changes!

In the meantime, you can use SEPA transfers to withdraw funds to your bank account. Let me know if you’d like more information about that.

Considering that the cards are already pre-ordered in Russia, the release is hopefully not that far away.

While we are waiting on this and other debit card providers it’s a good idea to register with Cryptopay and be the first to know when card ordering is open.

Moreover, CoinVigilance readers are eligible for a 25% discount on the card they order.

In order to use the Cryptopay coupon please sign up through the following link:

Sign up to Cryptopay and get 25% off the debit card

Once you register your email will be in the system, so you will be notified when their prepaid crypto cards go live. Meanwhile we will be examining their terms and publishing a thorough Cryptopay review soon. Stay tuned!

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