CRYPTOMATIC ENVOY: A Watch That Really Represents [Review]

The ENVOY COLLECTION by CRYPTOMATIC is the third in a series of Bitcoin-themed watches for true fans of the first and foremost cryptocurrency. After putting it through its paces, we believe this beautiful timepiece from the first watchmakers to accept BTC-only is worth every satoshi. 


First appearances are everything, and the ENVOY doesn’t disappoint — thanks to the return of the much-beloved large Bitcoin icon displayed proudly for the world to see on the watch’s face.

The watch comes in four variations, with black or blue faces complimented by either silver or rose-gold 316L Stainless Steel.


The unit we received is THE ENVOY SILVER & BLUE variation, which looks every bit as gorgeous as the website portrays. Here is a picture of the watch in real life, taken in my kitchen with a subpar iPhone 5S camera — which was good enough to make this reviewers’ Facebook friends jealous. The genuine leather strap displayed in the picture comes with the watch and matches your color choice. (Other colored straps may be purchased from the website for further personalization.)


Social media aside, this watch has received many compliments in the outside world — which admittedly may stem from the fact that the residents of the southern United States dole out kind words like it’s their job. (Bless their hearts.)

The skeleton see-through design of the watches is absolutely gorgeous in the eyes of anyone who appreciates how timepieces actually function, and its 42-mm open case is protected by sapphire crystal. As is common to CRYPTOMATIC watches, digits are represented in binary fashion underneath Super-Luminova diamond-cut hands and the classic Bitcoin-themed seconds-hand.

cryptomatic envoy silver blue


The guts of this beast feature precise mechanical self-winding Japan-made internals of 21 Jewels, boasting 21600 vibrations per hour and a 52-hour power reserve. In short, CRYPTOMATIC watches are the real deal. The full spec sheet has been reproduced below:


The packaging alone impressed my family members when my review unit arrived in the mail, with the watch itself housed in an attractive black hinged box with a button lock to keep it closed during transport. It’s the perfect solution for storing your ENVOY if you don’t plan on wearing it for extended periods of time.


Like all CRYPTOMATIC watches, the ENVOY is a limited edition item. Only a few hundred people will ever own one of these watches, and each unit is individually numbered — so you know exactly which piece you got.

Adding to the exclusivity is the fact that the watch can only be purchased with bitcoin — meaning no fake HODLers or crypto bandwagoners will be sporting any of these anytime soon.

The CRYPTOMATIC ENVOY comes with Bitcoinist‘s recommendation, as do the original CRYPTOMAT and HODLER — both of which have been completely sold out. Thus, if you’re thinking of grabbing an ENVOY, you might want to do it before it’s too late.

What do you think of the CRYPTOMATIC ENVOY? Are you interested in purchasing one of these limited edition watches, or will you pass on this go around? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

[Full Disclosure: The watch Bitcoinist reviewed was provided by CRYPTOMATIC, though the author also owns a HODLER which was purchased earlier in 2018.]

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