Cryptoexmart dot com scam alert – another fake exchange, stay away

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Even though there were reports of Cryptoexmart dot com being a scam months ago, the website is still there. It’s registered by and hosted by and hosted by, which means those are pretty abuse-resistant (or no one filed any complaints).

Let’s review the Cryptoexmart dot com website and see what red flags there are that indicate that cryptoexmart is an Obvious Scam:

1. The website looks bad. Shitty punctuation (“!!!”):


cryptoexmart review scam1

2. Fake team with unclickable social buttons:


cryptoexmart review scam

3. Fake terms stolen from


cryptoexmart scam review fake terms

4. Fake company name.


Cryptoexmart is an obvious and an ugly scam, don’t do anything on that site. Stay away from cryptoexmart!

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