Crypto Big in Japan: 14% of Young Employees Invest, Study Says


Investing in cryptocurrencies is a hot topic amongst young employees (aged 25-30) in Japan, according to a recently conducted survey held amongst 4,734 participants. The numbers also resemble the overall crypto inclination amongst students in the US to a degree.

4,734 male employees in Japan, aged 25-30, were questioned in a New R25 survey called “Questionnaire Survey on Virtual Currency” between January and March of 2018. Their answers revealed that approximately 14% owned some form of virtual currency. Of particular interest was that more than 90% of the crypto hodlers revealed they bought in with an “investment objective.”

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Investing Because It’s Cool

Interestingly enough, 37.4% of the participants said that the only reason they’ve invested in crypto is that “it is a trend.” Shocking. 19.9% of them bought in due to information recommended by the media or acquaintances. (Perhaps a lot of crypto advice is doled out while being crammed in a subway car.)

To no surprise at all, more than 24% of the respondents invested between October and December in 2017 when Bitcoin was on an absolute tear, while about 15% of them bought the dip in 2018.

When asked about the amount of their holdings, a total of 34.5% of the participants stated that it’s less than $470 (around 50,000 yen), while 10.2% of the respondents said they own $9,300 (1 million yen) or more.

Some Similarity

It seems that a tendency to invest in the trending crypto market prevails in more or less the same amount of youngsters in Japan as in the US as well. While 14% of young businessmen in Japan have invested in cryptocurrency, 21.2% of students in the US say that they have used student loans to do the same.


It does make sense that more American students are investing in Bitcoin and other virtual currencies as they’re not using their own money to do so, unlike the young Japanese businessmen. While many are lamenting the huge dip that 2018 brought, quite a few of the businessmen in Japan are taking it in stride. A full 47.1% plan on continuing to actively invest.

What do you think about this survey of younger Japanese businessmen? Did any of the percentages surprise you? Please let us know in the comments below!

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