Crypto airdrops: forks, upcoming airdrops, airdrop alerts – the complete guide

5 13,015
You may have seen the “new airdrop!” messages with links plastered all over social media on a daily basis. This guide will explain what airdrops in crypto are, how to use them and how to stay safe while claiming your airdrops.

What are crypto airdrops?

In simplest terms, an airdrop means awarding a certain number of tokens to people that meet certain condition or perform certain actions at the token launch.

A cryptocurrency fork is an example of an airdrop, because existing owners of the original token receive the same amount of coin of the NEW blockchain.

Not all airdrops are based on forks though. Some coin creators chose to run airdrops instead of ICOs – it’s an easier path in terms of legal issues, safety and accountability. While they distribute tokens they are asking for some kind of involvement in exchange, like social media following or shares, upvotes, comments, etc.

The key goal of running an airdrop is to gain exposure. Coin and token creators lure in users with free tokens, and as a result they gain media coverage, initial userbase and customer feedback. Considering they determine how many tokens to issue airdrops are a win-win event for both token developers and users who get free coins.

Airdrop alerts. How to find airdrops?

A lot of websites, social media accounts and Telegram groups publish airdrop alerts. Here’s a couple of reliable resources that follow and publish airdrops:

AirdropAlert.Com – this website created and run by a Dutch company offers a clear calendar-based interface that lets you see current and coming airdrops.

AirdropBob.Com – this site could be the easiest to use on mobile, it lists airdrops in a clear column, indicating difficulty of claiming the tokens, time remaining, social accounts and other info necessary to participate in the airdrop.

CryproDuke’s Airdrops (a curated list of airdrops checked in real time on a Trello board)

AirdropsMob.Com – a great site that lets you sort airdrops by parameters line

/if you want us to list your site contact us/

Airdrop alerts on Twitter

Following all the new airdrops becomes easier on Twitter, since all of them are coming right to you in your feed. Here’s a collection of curated of airdrop alert feeds provided by several Twitter accounts:

[rotatingtweets screen_name=’airdropalertcom’]

[rotatingtweets screen_name=’AirdropsMob’]

[rotatingtweets screen_name=’airdropfarm’]

[rotatingtweets screen_name=’TheDailyAirdrop’]

[rotatingtweets screen_name=’erc20Airdrops’]

[rotatingtweets screen_name=’airdrops_io’]

Section made using Twitter feeds by @airdropalertcom @AirdropsMob @airdropfarm @TheDailyAirdrop @erc20Airdrops @airdrops_io


Safety while claiming airdrops. Airdrop scams.

As with everything in crypto, and in fact anything else in the world, there are scam in airdrop space. Most would be taking form of phishing, i.e. tricking you into giving up sensitive information. For instance, your Ethereum or Bitcoin private keys.

An example of an airdrop scam is a recent fake Vechain airdrop website that asked users for their Ethereum private keys:

Fake air drop?? watch out from Vechain

Naturally, everyone who entered their private key lost their tokens. Remember, never share your private keys with anyone (and head over to our Bitcoin wallet comparison to select wallets that do not store your private keys).

The main safety tips here would be – always verify the page you are on. Is it the official cryptocurrency project page? Is there a secure connection (https)?

In addition – just do not give out any personal info, like private keys, your name, IDs, address, do not use same password as in your email etc. etc. Remember, the tokens should be free, so don’t bother with those that ask too much in return.

Can you earn money with airdrops?

You definitely can. It’s still a lot of work though – you need to be doing the same over and over again for each next airdrop:

– perform the tasks required for getting the tokens, like sharing links on social media.

– submitting receiving wallet addresses and waiting for your coins

– exchanging your coins for Bitcoin, Ethereum or whatever else crypto you might be more comfortable with.

Once you master the process though, crypto airdrops can be a good addition to your daily earnings. The following services can help you make your operation easier:

Changelly – exchange cryptocurrencies any way you need

Bitcoin debit cards – order a card and use it to withdraw Bitcoin or altcoins. Alternatively, read about other ways of withdrawing Bitcoin to cash.



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