Community Fund – Announcement


Hi Everyone,

As previously announced here we are planning to move the donation funds which were previously under bitnovosti’s control to a new donation contract.

The new contract is deployed here:

We’ve completed testing and wanted to make everyone aware prior to bitnovosti sending over the funds which are currently held at this address:

The final list of signers are all long standing members of the ETC community: Myself, Cody, Elaine, D34D, OmniEdge, snaproll, and MikO

The contract will require a minimum of 3 approvals in order to transfer funds.

Bitnovosti will be sending over 16,384 ETC which is the balance of the donation account less the amount that the DAO hacker once sent to it (1,000 ETC).

We don’t have any immediate plans for the funds but hope they can be used in the future to improve the ETC ecosystem.


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