Coinswitch vs Shapeshift

Ever since Shapeshift implemented the loyalty program that’s in reality a KYC policy, people started looking for ShapeShift alternatives.

CoinSwitch is one of the services that often gets mentioned as a ShapeShift competitor. Let’s see how ShapeShift vs CoinSwitch comparison looks like:

Operation principletrading bots on exchanges + own reservesaggregates offers from other exchanges: shapeshift, changelly, cryptopia, bitswap, bittrex, hitbtc, changenow, changer, blocktrades etc.
Fees0 but they claim to earn up to 0.5% on the exchange rate0% to 0.49% included into conversion rate
Account necessary?yesdepends on the exchange you select
KYC“basic personal details”
Can buy crypto with credit/debit cards?noYes, 100+ coins
Credit/debit card limits Depends on the exchange you select


As you can see the main difference is that CoinSwitch is an aggregator that offers more options. You can actually buy Bitcoin with a credit card using CoinSwitch (100+ coins as well), unlike Shapeshift.

If you need a service just for your coin exchange then CoinSwitch might find better deals for you as well, since it aggregates APIs from nearly 10 crypto exchange platforms.

Coinswitch vs Shapeshift verdict – give CoinSwitch a shot for a chance of a better deal.

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  1. Mike says

    I used both coinswitch and shapeshift, in principle, I am satisfied, but everyone has a drawback – account registration and limits. Therefore, I am increasingly inclined to use innovative platforms, for example,, where are no limits and accounts. I think it is more convenient.

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