CoinSwitch Coupon – a working coupon code for CoinSwitch

get $5 off your purchase or an exchange.

If you’ve been looking to convert one cryptocurrency into another you’ve surely heard about services like Shapeshift, Changelly or CoinSwitch. We’ve been reviewing them as well – check the Changelly vs Shapeshift review or a list of Shapeshift alternatives compiled after they’ve implemented KYC policies.

CoinSwitch is a decent option for exchanging one crypto coin into another at good rates.

CoinSwitch is regularly offering coupons that allow you to save a bit on crypto exchanges. The current promo code offered by CoinSwitch will give you a $5 discount on a transaction worth $100 and more.

Click here to redeem the coupon

The way it works is the value of your transaction (CoinSwitch transactions are denominated in crypto coins) should be $100 and more to qualify. If that condition is met you will be getting $5 worth of crypto off during your trade.

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