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104 allows users to buy, sell and invest in digital currencies instantly with ZERO fees. Users are able to buy cryptocurrencies at compared market value across multiple exchanges, allowing for guaranteed best prices across the board.

The best part? Investors can trade digital currencies without paying outrageous transactions. The platform calls this, “off-chain transactions,” which has been impactful to the blockchain community surrounding Bitcoin and an example in which the rest of the industry follows. This simple feature offers significant upside to users, as investors don’t have to pay traditional transactional fees, eliminating the irony with micro-payments in transactions.

An innovative leader in the cryptocurrency space, we’re definitely long on CoinJolt.

These subtle fundamental features make their platform one of the most sought out after platforms in cryptocurrency. Investors can sign up and be investment ready within minutes.

They incorporate real-time market price tracking, provide leading market instruments and instant transactions with ZERO fees, unlike Coinbase, Gemini, and the other available exchanges. These features have been extremely attractive for some of the wealthiest investors in digital currency.

Accommodating most of the established capitalized digital currencies, users are able to trade the most profitable coins and hold a secure wallet for their entire cryptocurrency portfolio.

We rank as one of our most recommended platforms where investors are able to earn daily interest and get paid dividends on a projected minimum of 200% annual returns, which is a significantly greater return than the traditional available investment instruments available today, such as stocks, bonds or real estate.

Their strategy to generate returns comes from a strict financial background with previous experience working at, JPMorgan Chase, HSBC, Citigroup, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley and Wells Fargo.

By investing in promising ICOS, as well as trading in volatile markets with established capitalization, investors have been receiving higher dividends than putting their money in the traditional stocks, and junk real estate rental properties.

Oh yeah, and we forgot to mention. You don’t have to be extremely well off to invest.

Being able to see great returns on my investments without the headaches and emotional attachment has been the best investment management experience I’ve had my entire life

– Marvin Morrison

Why is CoinJolt so important to the Bitcoin community? CoinJolt sets an example for safety and security by routinely storing the majority of assets in offline inaccessible storage while still being able to provide a great trading and investing experience in digital currencies. Click here to create your free account at

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