Coinbase is holding my Ethereum hostage.


On 03/20/2017, I bought one Ethereum from Coinbase for $29.50, which of course is now worth much more. However, they only took my $29.50 and disabled my account (for ToS violation, edit: for sending BTC to a suspicious wallet), never delivering the Ethereum. I also never received a refund. As such, they stole from my bank account and failed to deliver on an obligation.

I’ve been trying to contact their support for 8 months, and the only response I get is that “you have a chance to withdraw the coin before you close your account.” However, this is blatantly false, as I was banned between the purchase and actually receiving the coin, so it says my balance is zeroed out. Anybody have any idea what I can do? At the very least, this is some kind of fraud or failure to perform and I should get my $30 back. However, I think I deserve 1 ETH after waiting almost a year.

I will not be posting it here, but I have a bank statement proving the transaction on this date, and the lack of refund.

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Written by @ January 29, 2018

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