Coinbase won’t let you withdraw BTC without verifying your phone

The recent #DeleteCoinbase movement has revealed that Coinbase often won’t let the users delete their accounts.

Moreover, if you were using Coinbase for crypto-only transactions and never passed verification, your account will now be locked and you will be required to verify identity:

coinbase locks funds withdrawals impossible

There is a workaround though – normally if you just delete your account it should forcefully clear your balance.

However, deleting your account will still require a phone number from you.

Go to Settings -> Security -> Delete Account (the button is located at the bottom of the page). Click that:

close account delete coinbase

If you have remaining balance in any cryptocurrency – you will be required to enter your phone number to proceed with the withdrawal:

delete coinbase requires phone number

Considering that Coinbase works with blockchain tracing companies and their contractors are often selling data, if you want to at least keep a degree of anonymity entering your phone is not a good idea. Obviously if you had a large amount of coin on Coinbase you’d have to do it to save your funds.

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