Coinbase down, Bittrex down, Gdax down. Where to buy Bitcoin?

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As Bitcoin was conquering $10K and $11K prices at the end of November 2017, more and more people wanted to buy it. As a result some of the most popular Bitcoin brokers and exchanges experienced server problems.

Coinbase was down and then on and off on November 29-30th:

Bittrex was down:

Gdax had performance issues:

we could go on, but there is one thing common about all these companies: they are centralized, regulated exchanges. They are not the best or fastest ways to buy Bitcoin.

If you want to buy Bitcoin fast you won’t get what you need at places like Coinbase. Even if you manage to register at the website with all their downtime, your account will be locked without an ID (see Coinbase review). After you send your ID to a centralized exchange you can take a vacation. Thousands of people waiting for their accounts to be verified by companies like that. Here’s your typical Twitter thread on Bittrex support:

bittrex supportwaiting month

That only concerns verification. Deposits, Withdrawals and even Purchases will take you weeks more!


So how do you buy Bitcoin fast and without ID verification, using a simple credit card checkout?

At a peer to peer marketplace or a decentralized exchange. Here is your list:

LocalBitcoins (cash, banks, gift cards, local payments)
Indacoin – credit card purchase, top rated speed & pricing

Localbitcoins and Paxful match buyers and sellers and provide an escrow mechanism. Deals are as fast and as secure as your partner is. The platform itself does not run any verification, but you need to do due diligence. See Paxful review for instructions.

Indacoin is a great platform to buy Bitcoin with a credit or a debit card and it’s been working better than Changelly lately. Check it out if you are after comfort Bitcoin buying.

Coinmama is a great alternative to Indacoin, so compare prices of both before making your purchase. We recommend using it for fast Bitcoin purchases that do not require waiting for ID verification.


To list just a few advantages of the above three services, we’ll add this table:

Coinbase et al LBTC, Paxful, Indacoin
outages yes none
account verification yes none
deposit and withdrawal problems yes none
time to buy bitcoin 1-4 weeks 5-60 minutes

So, to recap:

If you want more info on peer-to-peer marketplace vs centralized brokers, read Coinbase VS Paxful
If you want an overview of all major Bitcoin buying methods, see How to buy Bitcoin
If you want to buy Bitcoin fast with a credit card go to Indacoin.
If you want to buy Bitcoin fast with cash, gift card or a local bank transfer, head over to LocalBitcoins or Paxful.
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