Can we all take a minute to congratulate Binance on continually being the best exchange when it comes to transparency and PR


Binance have taken a couple of big hits in recent months but their team have done an oustanding job of keeping us all informed, doing everything they can to stop FUD and just in general doing a really good job of sorting things out and being very transparent whilst doing so.

In my eyes they are one of if not the most respectable and trustworthy exchanges for cryptocurrency, I will most definitely will keep using their platform.

Good work Binance 👌

Edit – I’m not a shill (except maybe for Ripple). I have just been really impressed with how binance have handled situations like this. It’s a fresh breath of air when you look at all the other shit going down in the crypto world. Stay safe and remember even though Binance have done well so far, don’t leave all your portfolio in exchanges. Hard wallets are the only safe place

Edit 2 – again I am not a shill, no one has paid me to do this. If I’m gonna get all this abuse for being a shill you may as well pay me ETH – 0x9f2e847ceebafa475aab29c56205b6c374e11ade

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Written by /u/AvidasOfficial @ March 8, 2018 /u/AvidasOfficial

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