Buy Bitcoin Instantly With a Credit Card: Know Your Options in 2018

updated: August 30th, 2018

If you have read our guide on how to buy Bitcoin using a multitude of payment methods, you know by now that buying Bitcoin with a credit or a debit card is pretty convenient. Most credit card purchases are instant or nearly instant, and the experience is seamless.

There are several ways of buying Bitcoin with a credit card and the vary in speed and fees. At the top of our list we have two picks: Indacoin and Coinbase. Indacoin works well for quick & small worldwide purchases and Coinbase is the “golden standard” for the US bitcoin buyers.

Please read on for more details:


Best for: non-US and non-EU buyers, smaller amounts, quick purchases without verification

>> Go directly to Indacoin <<

This platform is by far the top pick for instantly buying BTC with a card issued anywhere in the world. Most of the sellers listed below are very picky to the country you are in, so if you’re not from the West – Indacoin will still work. That, as well as the ease of use and decent fees, is the reason Indacoin is on top of our list.

Indacoin is a real game changer when it comes to buying Bitcoin with a credit card instantly and no verification, because the transactions are fast and secure. Input the amount you need to buy, specify your wallet and check out with a credit card. Use this widget to calculate the amount of Bitcoin you’d be getting for your EUR or USD credit card purchase:

Indacoin is rising in popularity rapidly, because it seems to be offering better fees than Changelly, less verifications than Coinbase. The Bitcoin purchase here is actually instant. If you wish to buy BTC with your credit card fast and without any verifications – give Indacoin a shot.

The platform has improved greatly recently and they are now allowing purchases of all kinds of altcoins and tokens directly with a credit card:

quick buy altcoins and tokens with a credit card indacoin

This makes Indacoin a great one-stop shopping point for crypto if you want to invest smaller amounts into fractions of coins.

>> VIsit Indacoin <<



Best for: US buyers, larger amounts, bank transfers.

>> Go directly to Coinbase <<

coinbase review for instant bitcoin purchases with credit card

Coinbase is the most popular app to buy Bitcoin in the USA, and one of the largest Bitcoin-related companies in general but it’s not at the top of the list. The reason is – even though it’s reliable and the fees are reasonable, the Bitcoin purchases there are not instant. You need to verify your identity which takes a while. During the “Bitcoin frenzy” in the end of 2017 account verification could be taking weeks with Coinbase.

Lately, however, there have been no issues with Coinbase. Once you set up your account and verify your identity (submitting a photo ID) you can buy Bitcoin pretty fast – using either your credit card or your bank account. There’s also an option to set up recurring payments – either to buy fractions of Bitcoin on your payday, or pay bills or rent in Bitcoin.

>> Visit Coinbase <<

Coinbase is definitely a great way to buy Bitcoin with your credit card, though it’s not really instant for the first time. Once you have your account ready though, the purchases become instant.

The service offers to purchase Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and Ethereum. Fiat deposits are

Read the full Coinbase review if you are interested in the platform.



Best for: EU residents, communities of friends and contractors (“Bitcoin PayPal” payments by email system)

>> Go directly to Bitpanda <<

bitpanda interface for instant purchases of bitcoin with credit card

With the recent news from Bitpanda the platform definitely deserves a mention among the top ways of instantly buying Bitcoin with a credit card. In short – they have revamped their backend to approach PayPal functionality.

You can now send crypto payments to other Bitpanda users using their e-mail as an ID, while their account gets unique wallets created for each payment.

These payments will have 0 fees (even no miner fees), and will work even if the email has no Bitpanda account associated with it yet.

With all these growth activities they’re striving to be a good place to buy Bitcoin, too. They reduced the fees to really low ones – 1.49% for buying Bitcoin and 1.29% for selling it. Once you register and get verified your credit card purchases will be instant, so make sure you sign up to their platform.

Bitpanda lets you buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, Ripple and Bitcoin Cash.

Wirex app

Best for: UK residents, people looking to buy BTC, XRP, or LTC, Bitcoin prepaid card users.

Wirex is the best working Bitcoin debit card provider that services the UK and the EU, and if you want to instantly buy Bitcoin with a credit or a debit card being a UK resident Wirex is your best option.

What you need to do to get started is sign up to Wirex, get their app and verify your identity:

wirex buy bitcoin with credit card instantly UK

Once that is done (it’s an easy process that takes very short) you can tie your UK-issued credit or a debit card to your account and top it up using the card. Once the account is loaded with fiat money (USD, EUR, or GBP), you can convert it to Bitcoin, Ripple or Litecoin.

If you want to withdraw some of your Bitcoin to cash Wirex offers a prepaid card that has a cryptoback feature – each time you spend crypto at POS terminals (restaurants, shops, tickets, transportation, hotel bookings, car rentals  etc.) you will get 0.5% of the amount spent back to your account. Consider this option to spend your Bitcoin and save.

>>> Visit Wirex <<<



Other ways of using your plastic cards for Bitcoin purchases

Below is the list of alternative service providers where you can use your debit or credit card to purchase Bitcoin. You might want to use these if the main two picks above do not work for you for some reason, or you feel you can get a better deal on fees. It’s always a good idea to “keep your eggs into different baskets”, but do not spread yourself too thin working with dozens of services that mostly do one and the same thing.


Best for: worldwide purchases of crypto with credit/debit cards. slogan is “Bitcoin exchange you can trust”. It offers an option to buy Bitcoin, Ethereum or Bitcoin Cash with a credit/debit card, however, they require a registration prior to that.

buy altcoins and bitcoin with credit debit cards for usd eur rub gbp at cex io

Currently (August 30 2018) offers to buy Bitcoin and a range of altcoins (Ethereum, LItecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Gold, Dash, Ripple, XLM and ZEC) all using credit or debit cards – and the directly accepted currencies are USD, EUR, GBP, and RUB.

>> Visit <<



Coinmamaallows another instant way of buying Bitcoin with a credit card, and it has a $5K daily purchase limit like most other platforms do. The limit is imposed by the VISA itself.

coinmama buy bitcoin with a credit card


Coinmama is incorporated in Slovakia and it serves a lot more countries than Changelly or Coinbase. Use it for a quick credit card purchase of Bitcoin. You can use it to buy Ether as well – you will have to register an account and then proceed to your purchase, so it’s a pretty good way to instantly buy Ethereum too.

Many use for quick access to web-based Bitcoin wallet that has small amounts of coin for daily purchases. It’s pretty secure and convenient and although compared to other wallets we do not condone using it for savings, it works for small transactions. also offer a way to buy Bitcoin with a bank account or a credit card. The purchase can be made recurring, and currently the credit card fees are at 3%:

blockchain info buy bitcoin with credit card

The platform supports cards issued in fiat currencies EUR, USD, and DKK. If you’re using for your daily purchases wallet, consider using a credit card to top it up.


changelly-buy-bitcoin with credit card

Changelly is a secure and sleek platform for buying and exchanging cryptocurrencies. The interface is simple and clear: enter the USD amount you are willing to spend (remember, you can buy a fraction of Bitcoin!), provide your Bitcoin address (see Bitcoin wallet comparison), process your card payment and receive your coin.

Even with the high network congestion, there have been no reports of delays that last more than 24 hours. The fees you pay are at 0.5% and the credit card processor Changelly uses is Simplex.

You can use it to buy altcoins, too, since it supports direct purchases of tons of alts with a plastic card. We could recommend Changelly for instant Bitcoin/Altcoin purchases, if there was no Indacoin. Still, if you wish to buy an altcoin straight, Changelly could be your best option.


BitBay is the largest EUR exchange that has a whole ecosystem to it. Bitbay allows buying cryptocurrencies using a variety of methods (including credit cards), it has a prepaid debit card and a cryptocurrency exchange to trade altcoins.

bitbay credit card bitcoin buys verify account

Naturally, since it’s a EU company, you will need to verify your account before you can work with BitBay. Once you are done with verification, you can proceed to buying Bitcoin with a credit card as one of the payment methods. You can trade your BTC for altcoins right after that using BitBay’s platform if you wish.

This is a good way to buy Bitcoin if you are an EU resident, need a debit card to spend fiat cash from your cryptocurrency wallets, and don’t mind submitting your ID. This is definitely not an instant way of buying Bitcoin though.

Bitit could be an interesting service for you if your credit/debit card is issued in one of these currecnies: EUR, USD, GBP, CNY, SEK, DKK, NOK. Bitit supports cards issued in all these currencies and if you do not want to convert to the more popular USD/EUR while paying for Bitcoin, Bitit is your choice.

bitit buy bitcoin with credit card

The platform also allows you to buy Ethereum, which is a good entry into tokens and altcoins. Bitit’s interface and logic is a bit different than the one you might be used to: you have to register first and pass verification in order to use your cards for Bitcoin purchases, so the buying is not instant here.


There’s very little info about this exchange, though they claim to be the best way of buying Bitcoin and altcoins (currently + ETH, LTC, PPC) using a credit card. The website boasts of supporting local payment methods in 110+ countries and running frequent promotions, so it’s a good idea to keep following the growth of this exchange.

247exchange bitcoin plastic card purchase will be enabled in 2018

…especially considering the amount of “will be enabled in 2018” messages on 247Exchange’s website, the amount of tempting future options is exciting. Hopefully they will deliver!


Coinhouse is French, it allows only EUR transactions and requires an ID verification. Naturally, this takes a bit more time than instant credit card Bitcoin sellers, and according to the web site the fees are very high – from 10% to 8% depending on your buying volume.

coinhouse high fees

Why are there higher fees when we buy Bitcoin with a credit/debit card?

All credit card transactions are reversible. Basically, the card owner can call her bank and say she did not authorize a transaction, and the transaction will be reversed. At the same time, Bitcoin transactions are irreversible – once the selling platform sends you the BTC there will be no way of getting it back for them.

As a result there is a lot of room for fraud, basically all carders would be using stolen credit cards to buy Bitcoin and move it over to their wallets. To hedge against this risk all platforms selling Bitcoin for credit cards have to charge a premium.

Considering BTC/USD rate fluctuations and how frequently Bitcoin goes to the moon, higher fees are really negligible. If you want a fast and safe way to get into Bitcoin, buying it with a credit card is a good option.

Can I use LocalBitcoins/Paxful for credit card purchases of Bitcoin?

Sure, you can. But the fees set by sellers will be even higher due to large amount of credit card fraud, as outlined before. Moreover, sellers will ask you to take a picture of yourself holding a card (to prove you’ve not stolen the data somewhere), which is an inconvenience. Going with secure conventional services like IndaCoin would be faster and cheaper.

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