Buy Bitcoin (BTC) without verification

To buy Bitcoin without verification you need to either

1) use a service that has KYC, but it does not fire 100% of times, or has minimal verification rules (e.g. phone and email)


2) use a service that is anonymous by default.

Regarding #1 – some services have KYC policies but they are not mandatory. You may not be asked to submit any ID if the transaction amount is not large enough, or your transactions are not frequent, or your IP address is not “suspicious”, as well as a number of other reasons. No one except for the employees of these platforms will tell you for sure, but you can often skip identification.

Here’s a list of services that have randomized KYC policies to buy Bitcoin without ID verification. We have used them lately without having to verify identity, at most phone number:


Indacoin is a simple platform for buying Bitcoin as well as a set of other coins. It works pretty simply – enter your destination wallet, select the amount in cryptocurrency, verify your phone number and complete the purchase. Use Indacoin now


Changelly is very similar to Indacoin, but it uses another payment processor (Simplex). Specify a wallet, confirm your e-mail and phone number and buy Bitcoin with a credit card. Use Changelly now


Indacoin vs Changelly

Both platforms work well but make sure you check the Bitcoin to USD rate when you buy, for instance a $100 would get you 0.01245 BTC on Indacoin and 0.01572845 on Changelly on September 18th, 2018:

indacoin vs changelly buy bitcoin with no verification



As for the group #2 of services that are completely anonymous – below is a list of services that let you buy Bitcoin with no verification:


Localbitcoins is the oldest peer to peer marketplace for buying and selling Bitcoins. LBC has a built-in escrow mechanism that helps prevent fraud, but please do your own diligence when working with each individual seller. Buying Bitcoin with cash meeting up with a seller locally is by far the most anonymous method of buying Bitcoin.


Hodlhodl is a decentralized p2p marketplace that does not require any ID or phone verification. Work with a set of sellers and make your trades using their built-in multisig wallet technology that acts as an escrow. Sign up to HodlHodl.


Paxful is a LocalBitcoins alternative that used to offer a bit more supported payment methods. Paxful is a younger service, it’s totally legitimate but requires caution in working with some of the sellers. See the full Localbitcoins vs Paxful review. Sign up to Paxful here.

Bisq is similar to HodlHodl being a truly decentralized exchange. The platform does not ask for any verification and works through an app. There is a learning curve but the anonymous Bitcoin trading is worth spending the time to learn.


Some guides (e.g. this one) are outdated and recommend using services that have implemented KYC policies – e.g. Shapeshift has new KYC policies, Coinmama no longer allows Bitcoin purchases without ID verification, etc. The current article has verified all claims and lists only the truly no-verification or minimal-verification services.
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