“BSC is a lost cause” – a message on BSC code quality, direction, and scalability

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The Github of Binance Smart Chain network saw an interesting message from, a BSC dev and an enthusiast.

Here it is, verbatim:

Guys, seriously, WTF. This is a blockchain with supposedly billions of value, yet it is governed and developed like the project of a stoned teenager.

I’ve rarely seen something handled so unprofessionally.

  • There is no code review, patches are simply committed, in most cases even without a proper description of what they do or what problem they try to solve
  • There doesn’t appear to be any reasonable testing process in place. Every update appears to make things worse.
  • There is zero responding to bug reports. Hundreds of people report non syncing nodes or nodes falling out of sync. Response from the “developers” – zero.
  • There is no beta testing, stuff is thrown over the fence. Features like diffsync are declared “stable” by decrete, even though hundreds of people reporting the opposite indicated otherwise.
  • The developers apparently don’t have a freaking clue of what it is they are building. The “feature” to disable P2P Tx broadcast must be the most stupid idea I’ve seen in a long time. If people actually use this completely braindead feature, your network will become highly centralized and many nodes will experience issues with non executing Txs. How the phrack are Txs going to be propagated within the network without nodes actually doing that?
  • This “fix” is, on top, just a stab in the dark. There is zero indication that the quite low unexecuted Tx rate of BSC has any responsibility in the current situation. Ethereum has 20 fold the amount of Txs flying around without the slightest problem.
  • As someone else already wrote, the root cause of the problem is that you mindlessly increased the blocksize and reduced the blocktime without doing the actual work required.

Overall, there is only one conclusion. Binance wanted a quick hack to make some money, but is not willing to expand even modest resources to make this thing actually work. Given that they’ve made billions from this, this is absurd and a huge abuse of the trust (and money) people put in this.

You have proven to be incompetent of leading, developing and governing this. Just be honest and trash it without more people wasting their time and money.

(written by a 4k BNB holder, considering dumping this garbage)

The thread caused a large reaction in the crypto world, as BSC has been congested pretty often in November 2021. A lot of de-fi and gaming projects have been branching out to Avax, Polygon, and FTM networks, and this message from the devs sets an alarming background for all further BSC news.

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