Brothel Goes All the Way and Accepts Its First Bitcoin Payment


The term ‘first-time-ever’ may not be the first thing that pops into your mind when thinking about a brothel. However, the Moonlite Bunny Ranch in Nevada could definitely claim the term as it recently accepted its first Bitcoin payment.

One of the benefits of Bitcoin is that it offers a high-level of anonymity and even though prostitution is legal in the US state of Nevada, paying customers might not want evidence of it in the form of a paper trail.

According to The Sun, this is no longer an issue at the Moonlite Bunny Ranch. The 5th of April saw the brothel make history when it accepted the first-ever Bitcoin payment for services rendered.

Wham, Bam, and Thank You Bitcoin!

Lana West, who was on the receiving end of the transaction, had this to say:

A wonderful and rather tech-savvy client came in offering to purchase my services with Bitcoin. Dennis [the owner of Bunny Ranch] approved it, and we executed a transfer from the customer’s Bitcoin wallet to my own. I then paid cash from my personal stash to the office.

Lana hinted at how much she earned after the deed was done:

It was a mid-four-figure payment for an intimate girlfriend experience with me that lasted just over an hour. My client walked out with a smile on his face – but little did he know we actually made history together.

Wham, Bam, and Thank You Bitcoin!

Giving Clients a Happy Ending

It’s not just Lana and her colleagues at the brothel who are intent on client satisfaction. The owner, Dennis Hof, explains why he agreed to accept payment in Bitcoin:

We have some of the richest men in the world coming in and out of my brothels. Our high-dollar clientele is accustomed to getting anything they want here, so when I started hearing requests from them to look into accepting Bitcoin, I took those suggestions very seriously.

Even though some clients still pay in hard cash, Hof is by no means opposed to joining the crypto movement:

We have guys carrying duffel bags full of cash right up to our cashier’s window, and we’ve had to install a safe the size of Fort Knox to hold it all. Not that I mind good old fashioned cold cash, but Bitcoin is making it so much more practical for those same clients to live out their sexual fantasies here at the Bunny Ranch without literally having to carry a lot of excess baggage.

The Wanton Wonders of Technology


The Wanton Wonders of Technology

As the world moves towards adopting more efficient and streamlined processes, Hof’s businesses won’t get left behind:

I always see technological advances as an advantage to my business.

In fact, Hof has also introduced virtual reality options for his clients. Alice Little, who also works at the ranch, explained:

While my client wears a headset and views VR Hentai porn [a type of hardcore anime porn] , I mimic the sensual actions of the animated character with my actual body creating an amazingly convincing sexual fantasy for my clients that yearn to get it on with an animated lover.

Here’s hoping that Lana’s a hodl ‘em kind of girl. Bitcoin is continuing its upward trajectory, trading at just over $9,300 at the time of writing.

Do you think more legal brothels will be accepting cryptocurrency as payment? Let us know in the comments below!

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