Bittrex holding my about $100.000 hostage with no response to support ticket/email for almost three months


Since the last November Bittrex suddenly changed my account to “New Account” and disabled withdrawal without notice in advance. I had also tried numerous times of their failing “automatic advanced verification procedure”. A ticket had been opened for two months and I had waited patiently, till when I had to write an email to inquire the progress, to which they did not even bother to reply at all (not even a bot message).

Firstly, unlike Poloniex, Bittrex did not notice its customers who had been able to withdraw before, that they would disable withdrawal completely without advanced KYC. Secondly, they should have allowed people to withdraw the remaining funds prior to the new policy taking effect.

In comparison, I was notified by Poloniex that they would disable further deposit without Advanced KYC but only allow withdraw the remaining funds in the account. They also warned that current Adanced KYC procedure may take weeks. I submitted the required document a few days back, I was happy that it took actually only 3 days to complete mine.

I read months back there were people creating telegram group with people having this issue but did not join thinking Bittrex would solve this sooner than say two months. Now it has been three months with about 100.000 dollars sitting in Bittrex exchange and there is no reply to ticket/mail at all.

Advice is greatly appreciated.

Edit: Thank you all for the upvotes and advice. 1. I was/am not involved in any p/d group. I would not even mind if they complain about that with me since I am all clear. 2. I’m not a US citizen so not too familiar with suing at the moment. I will look further if it can not be solved more peacefully.

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