BitTorrent Launches its First Torrent Clients Post Acquisition by Tron


Justin Sun currently has a Midas touch. Whatever he is working on is giving him results not just in line with expectations but in some cases, the results are superlatively positive. In the latest of the announcements, the Tron acquired BitTorrent team has released a new age torrent client for the streaming age called µTorrent Web.

µTorrent web is here to change the way torrent works

Justin Sun, took his twitter handle and shared the excitement as he announced the arrival of µTorrent Web. He also thanked both the Tron team and the BitTorrent Team for creating what he calls an amazing product.

He also shared a video link of the product where Product Designer, Cory Keller, explained what µTorrent Web was all about. µTorrent Web is a Web-based torrent client for Windows that meets the streaming demands of today’s users. Available for Windows across all major browsers, µTorrent Web makes it possible to quickly download and play torrent files inside the browser. When the project was first started, BitTorrent’s vision was to build a torrent client with simplicity and quick playability. With a simple download to play experience as the focal point of µTorrent Web, the company now sees more users successfully downloading and playing torrents than with any other product in BitTorrent’s history.

As µTorrent Web now comes out of Beta and into full release, the team believes that millions of our users who are familiar with and love the desktop version of µTorrent, also known as µTorrent Classic.  The team’s long-term plan is to continue development across both products and make them available on

In its release, the BitTorrent & µTorrent product teams thanked the user community of over 100M users for making µTorrent’s desktop, web, and mobile products as some of the most popular in the world.

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Tron making the best use of BitTorrent acquisition

BitTorrent caught Tron’s eyes because it had more than 100 million active users worldwide, and had been one of the top-rated apps on Google Play and other products, including BitTorrent Play (iOS), uTorrent Web, and desktop clients for PC and Mac.  The task that was handed over to the BitTorrent team post they were moved to TRON new San Francisco location continued to provide high-quality products to over 100M users around the world.

With µTorrent Web, the BitTorrent team seems to be on track with its commitment of delivering super quality new age products. And with Tron’s support, it looks like we can assume that there will be many more such products in the pipeline.

With µTorrent Web already released, will we see many more spectacular products that can come out of the collaboration of Tron and BitTorrent? Do let us know your views on the same.

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Written by Nilesh Maurya @ September 5, 2018 Nilesh Maurya

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