Bitpay alternatives for European customers – Euro cards discontinued Oct 31 2018

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Bitpay, a US based crypto debit card provider, has announced that its’ European customers that use prepaid Bitcoin cards have until October 31st to withdraw their balances and download their transactions.

If you are looking for a Bitpay alternative for Europe – Wirex is your #1 option. It’s a working crypto debit card with BTC, LTC, ETH and XRP balances, 0.5% cashback and low fees.

Read the full Wirex review or sign up to Wirex.


Here’s the Bitpay statement:

“We are now working to sunset Bitpay accounts related to the Wave Crest-issued Bitpay card — In 30 days, we will be turning off access to your Bitpay card dashboard. If you need to store your card transaction data for any purpose, please export your transaction data before your card dashboard access ends on Wednesday, October 31st, 2018.”

This is related to the year-old WaveCrest problems.

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