Bitpanda’s amazing new feature – buying crypto with Cash in the EU (Austria)

Bitpanda continues to deliver great news. The company is well on its’ way to becoming Europe’s #1 platform to buy Bitcoin.

They’ve just announced “Bitpanda to go”, which is an amazing way to buy Bitcoin (or Ethereum, Litecoin, IOTA, Ripple, Dash, Komodo and Bitcoin Cash) with cash in Europe without providing ANY identification.

The way it works is you are

1) buying a €50, €100 or €500 coupon with cash at any Austrian post office (no IDs!), then you

2) login or register at Bitpanda (again, no IDs, only e-mail) and

3) redeem your prepaid crypto coupon to your crypto wallet.

4) The crypto you’ve redeemed is immediately spendable.

Considering even LocalBitcoinsstart asking for IDs, this puts parts of Bitpanda’s service above LocalBitcoins in terms of anonymity.

Come to think of it, you can transfer the redeemable “Bitpanda to go” vouchers to anyone as gift or a payment, and they will then redeem crypto to their own account. This is exactly the kind of anonymous and unsupervised system Bitcoin was designed to be.

For now the Bitpanda to go prepaid cryptocurrency works only in Austria, but that’s not a big deal considering how easy it is to travel in EU and Shengen countries.

Basically anyone outside of the EU even, having a Polish or a Spanish visa can travel to Austria and load up on Bitcoin without any IDs at any post office.

Sign up to Bitpanda now to check this and many other features!

Locate the Austrian Post branch near you

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