Bitfinex Selects Market Synergy to Provide Institutional Cryptocurrency Connectivity


Bitfinex has joined hands with Market Synergy, a Swiss-based organization which offers institutional cryptocurrency connectivity and security for banks, brokers and hedge funds to provide robust, high-performance connectivity for institutional clients.

Market Synergy’s bespoke network for Bitfinex

Market Synergy has designed and built a tailored network for Bitfinex which is hosted in a Swiss data center in the heart of Zug, the crypto valley of Switzerland. Market Synergy also has capabilities of managing co-location services for Bitfinex’s institutional clients and offer a FIX feed and ISP link to the digital asset gateway which Bitfinex recently launched in collaboration with Connamara.

These services would be in addition to providing outsourced connectivity and hosting services to Bitfinex.

In May 2018, Bitfinex had announced that they have collaborated with Connamara Systems, the premier provider of matching engine technology to create a financial information exchange digital asset gateway for upcoming professional traders, for the release of an all-new open-source digital asset Financial information Exchange or FIX gateway. Now with Market Synergy on board, Bitfinex will be able to provide improved access to digital asset liquidity for professional traders, Institutions and trade brokers.

Market Synergy is a separate company within the FXecosystem Group, which also comprises FXecosystem and Bondecosystem, both of which are institutional market leaders in outsourced connectivity in their respective asset classes.

Both partnerships strengthen Bitfinex’s institutional offering and also make them platform ready institutional investments for future.

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Both sides share their views on partnership

Both Partners have shared their views on this partnership and future outlook.

James Banister, CEO, Market Synergy commented,

“As the demand for cryptocurrency trading gathers momentum, we spotted a gap in the market for an institutional calibre cryptocurrency connectivity offering. Following over two years of research and planning, we have launched Market Synergy to take us into a new asset class, with the aim of becoming the leading institutional outsourced connectivity provider in the cryptocurrency space.”

“We are delighted to have been selected by Bitfinex, one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges to manage their global connectivity. We have worked very closely with Bitfinex to evaluate their needs, select the ideal data center and set up the correct infrastructure to create a bespoke network with connections to their digital asset gateway for professional traders.

We are now ready to go live, having invested in and set up our infrastructure in a secure data center in Switzerland which hosts servers for a number of major financial institutions.  We can also offer colocation services to any Bitfinex institutional client.”

On the other hand Paolo Ardoino, Bitfinex CTO adds,

“We are very pleased to collaborate with Market Synergy to facilitate improved access to digital assets via Bitfinex. We are experiencing first hand the immense institutional interest in cryptocurrency trading and we are excited to be able to pioneer its development.”

This developments from Bitfinex surely signal it building a warchest for Institutional Players.

Is it an indication that Bitfinex already has interest from institutional investors or is just a preparation for times to come? Do let us know your views on the same.

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Written by Nilesh Maurya @ July 11, 2018 Nilesh Maurya

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