Bitcoin’s correlation to stocks has declined significantly


Bitcoin’s correlation to stock index S&P 500 has declined significantly, hinting that the two asset classes no longer move in the same direction.

The correlation between bitcoin and S&P 500, measured via BTC/USD on Coinbase and S&P 500 futures, has touched a two-month low.

The current correlation between the two asset classes is 0.15, which means it is nearly negligible. About a month ago, on April 16, the correlation was moderately positive at 0.53.

Source: TradingView, The Block Research 

A near-zero correlation between two assets indicates that there is no relationship between them or that they do not move in the same direction.

Correlation is expressed as a number between +1 and -1. +1 indicates an absolute positive correlation between two assets, meaning they always move together in the same direction. -1 indicates a total negative correlation, meaning two assets always move in opposite directions of each other.

Having two low-correlated or uncorrelated assets in a portfolio helps lower overall volatility.

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Bitcoin’s correlation to stocks has declined significantly written by Yogita Khatri @ May 14, 2020 Yogita Khatri

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