Bitcoin Search Trends Sep. 2018: Checking the price and buying

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It’s the end of the month which means we’re analyzing Google search trends related to the query “Bitcoin”. Click here to read the previous trends analysis for the month of August.

Now that Bitcoin price has not fallen below 6K and started dancing a bit closer to 7K it seems that people started checking the price and buying Bitcoin a lot more than in the previous month.

Compared to the August 2018 search trends, people in the US have been searching for price-related and purchase-related keywords a lot more.

Below is the list of queries that have been trending on Google with US-based searchers in September. The percentage after the query indicates how much its’ popularity has increased compared to the previous period. Our comments come in italics under some search queries.

US search trends, past 30 days

tilray stock +Breakout
how to buy bitcoin with paypal Breakout

This is a great query indicating the possibility of a bull run. PayPal is used for simple shopping, purchases of small amounts of something, recurring subscriptions and so on. It’s also extremely inconvenient for Bitcoin trading, because Bitcoin transactions are irreversible, while PayPal are almost always reversible – the company sides with the buyer after they open a dispute. However, the fact that people want to use PayPal to buy Bitcoin means they are used to the idea of casually buying some BTC every now and then.

what is the current price of bitcoin +3,950%

there we go, you’ll see many of these down the list

bitcoin bug +3,800%

The legacy media tried to spread FUD with a bug that was found in Bitcoin core code that allowed double spending. Almost all nodes were updated fast and no loss occurred.

botcoin +1,950%

an ICO, already mentioned it in August trends

dollar to rupee +400%
bitcoin scam letter +350%

Old story from August trends

bitcoin diamond +300%
tlry +250%

A Cannabis company went public and its’ stock was so volatile people compared it to Bitcion.

bitcoin etf approval +250%
who invented bitcoin +250%
id god +250%

Fake IDs sold for Bitcoin. Also, for cash dollars.

justin sun +250%

Justin Sun is the CEO of TRON foundation

cgc stock +200%

Another medical marijuana company

square bitcoin +200%

Cash app expands Bitcoin services to all 50 states.

bitcoin proce +190%

When you want to learn the price REAL fast, you type PROCE.

bitcoin drop +170%
dogecoin price +150%
djia +150%
yahoo finance bitcoin +150%
bitc +140%

US search trends, past 7 days

elgars variations Breakout
elgar Breakout
elgar variations Breakout
countenance meaning +1,550%

These mysterious queries have to do something with “Bitcoin” being added to a famous word puzzle.

xapo bitcoin +1,050%
bitcoin cash news +350%
jazz drummer gene +250%
bitcoin cash +60%

US search trends, past day

jazz drummer gene +3,450%
hublot +2,650%

Famous Swiss company announces commemorative watch you can buy with Bitcoin only.

bitcoin atm locations +350%
bitcoin machine near me +160%

There we go. 

how much is 1 bitcoin worth +110%
how to purchase bitcoin +90%

With a credit card, or anonymously.

bitcoin machine +90%
how much was bitcoin in 2009 +90%

Someone’s warming up their time machine

will bitcoin recover +90%
satoshi to bitcoin +80%

Bitcoin to Bitcoin calculator, adoption is here!

paxful +80%
bitcoin faucet +70%
bitcoin address +70%
bitcoin real time +70%

Check the live BTC price and news on our site

bitcoin value history +70%
what is a bitcoin worth +60%
how to use bitcoin +60%
buy bitcoin with credit card +60%
coinmama +60%
sears stock +60%
bitcoin atm near me +60%




US search trends, past 4 hours

bitcoin charts +650%
bitcoin whitepaper +400%
tilray stock price +400%
antminer s9 +250%
how to invest in bitcoin +160%

Buy it and hold in a wallet.

how much is a bitcoin +150%
bitcoin cash news +140%
btc to usd +120%

Use our Bitcoin calculator if you need to convert BTC to USD and back.

bitcoin scam +110%
how to mine bitcoin +100%

A bit too late for that but that’s a proper direction of thinking: having Bitcoin.

bitcoin machine near me +90%
bitcoin core +90%
price of bitcoin today +80%
how does bitcoin work +70%
will bitcoin recover +70%
bitcoin machine +70%
where to buy bitcoin +70%
buying bitcoin +60%
bitcoin ben +60%
how much is 1 bitcoin +60%
what is bitcoin mining +60%
bitcoin price prediction +60%
how much is one bitcoin +60%
how to get bitcoin +50%
btc +50%

US search trends, past hour

gold price +250%
how to mine bitcoin +160%
xrp price +150%

XRP price has been acting up lately, considering the amount of previous shilling this currency still stirs newbies’ minds.

bit coin +100%
bitcoin etf +90%
bitcoin mining +80%
bitcoin price prediction +50%
litecoin +50%

Ever since Litecoin founder sold his share at an all-time-high Litecoin price, things have never been the same.

what is bitcoin +40%


Are we at the inception of a Bitcoin Bull Run? Who knows, but the fact that people have been madly searching for price checking and buying lately might mean that Bitcoin will go up in price.

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