Bitcoin Search Trends August 2018 – Bull Run Brewing?

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We’re starting a monthly feature – Google search trends analysis. The methodology is imposing certain limits on the data but it’s still fun to do. These are the algorithmic search trends – just Google’s data on web searches related to “Bitcoin” that gained popularity rapidly lately.

Bitcoin to USD exchange rate is definitely going to be fluctuating by the end of 2018 just like it did by December 2017. Obviously there are actors that are interested in Bitcoin price change so they can profit trading it. Some are trying to ride the crypto wave so desperately that it hurts, e.g. CNBC Fast Money and other similar legacy media outlets. CNBC is infamous in the Bitcoin community for publishing misinformation, interviewing questionable actors and outright pumping of certain coins.

As a result, the Google search trends are following the hype stories, and that is usually fun to watch. What is less fun, however, is seeing how narrow is the public view on Bitcoin still. Look at the analysis of Google Trends for “Bitcoin” below and imagine how much more turbulence is going to come.

Other trending searches, however, make perfect sense, which is encouraging.

Largely, all the trending searches related to Bitcoin can be split into several groups:

– Hype and pump (CNBC fast money and similar infotainment)
– Evergreen queries (like buying or cashing our Bitcoin)
– News that do matter (tech advances, serious research etc.)
– Scandals (short term outbreaks of interest towards otherwise irrelevant people)

We’ve added CoinVigilance comments in italics to some of the trending searches to explain what they’re about.

US search trends, past 90 days

bitcoin etf approval + Breakout

So Bitcoin ETF did not get approved. No big deal, Bitcoin was created to avoid inflation – an ETF could’ve inflated it (if more Bitcoin becomes traded via ETF than there is in circulation). Read more about Bitcoin ETF here.

bitcoin blackmail email +1,300%

Fake blackmail emails targeting random people with intimidating subjects – scammers threaten to disclose people’s adultery and porn habits and demand cryptocurrency payments.

iq stock +1,200%
what is etf bitcoin +700%
bitcoin etf +550%
bitcoin dominance +400%

Read more on Bitcoin dominance 

coinbase pro +350%

The Bitcoin payment gateway by Coinbase.
hmny +300%
bitcoin scam email
is bitcoin dead +150%

Ah the eternal question… No it’s not.

buy bitcoin instantly +120%

Credit card purchase is by far the fastest way to buy Bitcoin right now.

will bitcoin recover +110%
usd to inr +110%
bitcoin machine near me

Looking great for adoption – more people are searching for Bitcoin ATMs in their area.

buy bitcoin with credit card +90%
should i invest in bitcoin +90%
bitcoin casino +80%
botcoin +80%

Apparently not a typo, there is a Botcoin running an ICO.

bitcoin atm near me
news on bitcoin +70%
tesla stock +70%
dollar to rupee +70%
bitcoin hack +60%
tesla stock price

US search trends, past 30 days

bakkt Breakout

New exchange Bakkt, backed by Microsoft and Starbucks, could increase chances of ETF approval

bitcoin superstore Breakout

Bitcoin superstore is a platform for buying anything from major online retailers for cryptocurrency.

convert bitcoin to usd Breakout

Here’s how you convert Bitcoin to USD for cashing out them mad gainz

bitcoin value history +3,800%
why bitcoin is down +1,850%
bitcoin starbucks +1,600%

Starbucks has been producing a bunch of crypto-related announcements lately so no wonder.

ethereum classic +1,050%
proshares bitcoin etf +700%
bitcoin investment trust +700%
will bitcoin go back up +350%
tsla stock +300%
sec bitcoin etf +300%
bitcoin shorts +250%

bitcoin shorts


tom lee bitcoin +250%

More hype – a man makes prediction on Bitcoin price.

botcoin +250%
bitcoin etf approval +200%
bovada +200%
xrp news +200%
bitcoin value chart +190%
fb stock +190%
bitcoin faucet +180%
amd stock +180%
iran +170%

Bitcoin becomes the de-facto reserve currency for people in Iran, as a protection against government. Working as designed.

coindesk bitcoin price +130%
latest bitcoin news +130%

US search trends, past 7 days

crypto kid +2,300%

More CNBC hype. A kid living in a tree house is millionaire.

sec bitcoin etf +750%
bitcoin etf decision +650%
proshares bitcoin etf +600%
pinkdate +550%

Dating app running an ICO.

bitcoin etf news +400%
sec bitcoin +300%
jordan belfort +300%

Convicted scammer with no Bitcoin background has an opinion.

jordan belfort bitcoin +300%
bitcoin scam letter +250%
tilray stock +200%
bitcoin kid +180%
bitcoin etf +180%
etf +180%
bitcoin etf approval +140%
bitcoin cnbc +110%

People looking to be fooled by no-skin-in-the-game TV hosts that look convincing when talking about numbers due to their Asian complexion.

bitmex +90%
cboe bitcoin etf +90%
how much is a bitcoin worth today +60%

US trending searches, past day

crypto kid +3,600%
pinkdate +3,500%
goog stock +650%
jordan belfort +600%
jordan belfort bitcoin +600%
cnbc bitcoin +550%
tilray stock +450%
fb stock +400%
bitcoin kid +400%
sq stock +300%
snap stock +300%
ge stock price +250%
bitcoin jesus +250%
amzn stock +180%
bitcoin stock symbol +180%

…is BTC

tsla stock +160%
bitcoin stock price +160%
bitcoin stock +110%
crypto +70%

US search trends past 4 hours

usd to inr +400%
bitcoin price prediction 2018 +160%
bitcoin technical analysis +140%
will bitcoin go back up +130%
what is the price of bitcoin +110%
1 bitcoin in usd +110%
how much is one bitcoin +100%

A lot of searchers looking for a Bitcoin price calculator.

how much is a bitcoin worth +90%
bitcoin value today +90%
netflix stock +90%
ethereum price +80%
ethereum +70%
iota +70%
tesla stock +70%
bitcoin value chart +70%65
how much is bitcoin worth +60%
how much is a bitcoin +60%
bitcoin account +60%
what is bitcoin worth +60%
litecoin price +60%
gdax +60%
what is bitcoin worth today +60%
bitcoin cash price +50%
bitcoin value +50%
how does bitcoin work +50%

Now, judging by some of these, a Bitcoin bull run could be brewing among the general public. With queries on buying Bitcoin, and “how does Bitcoin work” starting to trend this week, it could be an indication of sparks of interest towards Bitcoin among newbies. Naturally the mass media hype is contributing to that interest, so make sure you stay safe and not gamble trying to ride the wave and try to daytrade.

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