Crypto News Flash: Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, EOS, Stellar, IOTA, & Tron Steering the Market


The crypto market is enjoying gains as Bitcoin bulls are feeling the excitement, Ethereum close to touching $300 and XRP ready for the $0.40 while EOS surges by 18%, Stellar getting the limelight, IOTA rising with real-world adoption and Tron just a day away from becoming more powerful.

Bitcoin [BTC] bulls feeling the excitement

The crypto king, Bitcoin is all geared up as BTC price hits $7,195 today. At the press time, Bitcoin has been exchanging hands at $7,097. Given the fact that the bitcoin hash rate is rising at a fast pace and experts predicting it to hit a new peak as a result, the bulls can be expected to further extend their stay in the market.


A number of positive news are propelling the market forward viz: Bitcoin ETFs rejection being reviewed, shorts getting declined while longs taking the front seat and institutional investors turning to crypto. Not to mention the fact, Bitcoin awareness and adoption has been on a rise as well.

Bitcoin bulls are driving the altcoins forward as a majority of the coins are in the green while a few are registering significant gains. This has BTC dominance take a slight step back at 52.6%.

Ethereum [ETH] shy of touching $300

Elon Musk wants some ETH!

Well, not really, but it has been one of the hottest news among the crypto industry today as the Tesla co-founder and CEO shared this with his Tweet. Here’s what exactly went down:

Meanwhile, Ethereum is making a breakthrough in the agriculture industry as the Moscow government is working on a system that will basically allocate trading spots to farmers.

When it comes to price, Ethereum has been getting the short end of the stick as it struggles to make it to $300. Though, ETH has still a way to reach this mark as it currently sits at $295 with 2.67% gains.


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XRP ready for $0.40 & a lot more

One of the most active cryptocurrencies and communities, XRP is almost always in the news. It might not be true for its price but definitely for its partnerships and developments.

Recently, there has been an integration between COIL and XRP Tip Bot through ILP that will allow users to “Stream” payments in XRP.

At $0.348, XRP has been making gains for the past couple of days and constantly rising. The bulls seem to have taken a liking toward the world’s 3rd largest cryptocurrency as it looks for a breakout.


EOS rocketing by surging over 18%

A few days back, the EOS came into the news yet again for its RAM prices rising tremendously. However, Dan Larimer, the CTO was quick to share ways to prevent RAM exploits and further the release of EOS 1.2.3 took care of the situation.

Among top 50 cryptocurrencies, EOS is the only one with the double-digit gains. The world’s 5th largest cryptocurrency is enjoying substantial gains as it takes a hike of 18.61%. At the time of writing, EOS has been sitting at $6.44 while managing the 24-hours trading volume of over $800 million.


Stellar [XLM] making the buzz

For the past few months, Stellar has been in the limelight a lot. Just recently, it made a record with 1 million accounts registration. This cryptocurrency has been making substantial headway towards its goal to become the best platform for cross-border payments.

With a 1.18 percent upward movement, Stellar is riding at $0.233. At 6th rank, XLM has a long way to go.


IOTA [MIOTA] making real-world adoption

IOTA is one of those cryptocurrencies that is not only working on real-world adoption but also making it happen. With its partnership with Volkswagen, among a number of other ones as shared by Redditor Cullen11, below, IOTA is looking towards a bright future.

As for its price, IOTA is currently up by over 9% at $0.774 and has been on an ascending move for the past week.


Tron [TRX] counting days to becoming more powerful

With Tron Virtual Machine launch here, on August 30, Tron is ready to take another step towards making a strong presence in the market. Recently, Tron was listed on KuCoin exchange, got available on Dutch exchange and the Tron App went live on Apple store.


The last 7-days chart of Tron has been on a constant upward movement with TRX sitting at $0.026 at the moment.

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