Bitcoin et al going down September 2, 2017

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So if you’ve been out for a day and just logged in to read cryptocurrency news – all we can say it’s been a rough day. Not to say some sort of price correction was expected with Bitcoin, but these things are always sudden.

At the beginning of the day Bitcoin nearly reached the price of $5000 US dollars (came as high as $4959 according to CoinMarketCap and even higher than $5K according to CoinDesk price index) – and then started going down.

After several correction cycles the price is settled at around $4400 which is a 12% decrease from the $5K threshold.

As it happens in most price correction scenarios, other cryptocurrencies have been affected too, some to a larger extent, some to a smaller:

cryptocurrencies going down after bitcoin september 2 2017

The whole situation has a lot of opportunities for trading, and some say this may be the last price correction before Bitcoin starts to grow even more. Sign up to our mailing list to follow Bitcoin price:

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