Bitcoin drop today and search trends – mass reactions to Bitcoin crash analysis

So, Bitcoin dropped today. This happens every once in a while. The technology advances, new services appear, more and more merchants accept Bitcoin… Yet it’s volatile and the USD to Bitcoin calculators show crazy stuff from time to time.

Frankly, did you expect anything else from the something that challenges the whole existing financial system? There are so many factors trying to bring Bitcoin down we’re surprised it made it this far at $6500.

Sure, the rate will go down and it will go back up again, but the most important part is to remain calm. Do not panic – you are not at a loss until you sell.

This article is not an investment advice and Bitcoin is not an investment. It’s censorship-resistant sound money in a world that gravitates towards censorship and feeds on inflation and debt.

Here’s a collection of search trends from today that illustrate how Bitcoin crash panic works. We have created a similar articles before (August, September) but this one analyzes the anatomy of a Bitcoin drop panic. Google’s search queries are people’s reaction to the situation and it’s fun to analyze what questions bother people the most while Bitcoin is crashing.

The list of search queries is below with the percentage of their popularity increase.

We add our own short comments initalics wherever relevant:


US trends for “bitcoin”, past day

capitulation +3,350%

“the point in time when investors have decided to give up on trying to recapture lost gains as a result of falling stock prices.” according to Investopedia. Being an investor is hard. Be a user, an adopter, a promoter, a thinker, a developer.

lauren burnham arie luyendyk jr +3,150%

unrelated celebs expecting a baby. Seems like the Bitcoin crash is not that bad!

monopoly +2,000%

Monopoly for Millenials was released, and it’s bad. Whatever.

bitcoin drop today +1,350%
bitcoin crashing +750%
bitcoin dropping +600%

Yep, that’s right. Part of the game.

why did bitcoin crash +500%

Many possible reasons, really. Tether finally dragging it down, mining pools shenanigans, whales doing their whale stuff… We won’t know for sure anytime soon. Better adapt to variables.

bitcoin death cross +450%

Gloomy forecast about Bitcoin going down to $1300… or not.

bitcoin crash today +450%
why is bitcoin down +450%
bitcoin price drop +400%
crypto crash +400%

bitcoin falling +300%
why is bitcoin going down +300%
bitcoin cash hard fork countdown +250%

BCH is hard forking even further. A cryptocurrency built on questionable tactics (see review, app review) is falling apart – and the fork seems like the swan-song money grab.

bitcoin drop +250%
bitcoin crash +250%
bitcoin hard fork +170%
bitcoin cash hard fork +140%
btc news +120%
utc time +120%
what happened to bitcoin +90%

bitcoin sv price +80%
bitcoin news updates +70%
bitcoin cash fork +70%

US search trends for “bitcoin”, past 4 hours –

lauren burnham arie luyendyk jr Breakout
kewan platt fitchburg state Breakout

Basketball, people. No Bitcoin here, whatsup Google?

#bitcoin +3,600%
hasbro monopoly +2,950%
monopoly +1,250%
capitulation +800%
why did bitcoin drop +650%
bitcoin dump +550%

This drop could’ve been a dump, yeah.

bitcoin crash today +500%
coinbase charts

Coinbase has released new interesting charts.

why did bitcoin crash +300%
bitmex +300%
bitcoin drops +250%
bitcoin drop today +250%
why is bitcoin dropping
john mcafee +200%

…is an entertainer more than anything else.

tilray stock +160%
bitcoin crash 2018 +140%
cointelegraph +130%
what happened to bitcoin +120%
bitcoin fork +100%
nvda +90%

Cool idea, will Nvidia stock plummet along with Bitcoin?

bitcoin crash +90%
cardano +90%

There will be NO shitcoin to grow when Bitcoin falls.

botcoin +90%

US search trends for “bitcoin”, past hour –

hasbro monopoly Breakout
bitcoin block explorer +750%
kewan platt fitchburg state +650%
oil prices +350%
utc time +300%
monopoly millennials +300%
why bitcoin is falling today +250%
why did bitcoin crash +130%
bitcoin cryptocurrency +120%
cryptocurrency +120%
gemini bitcoin +120%
bitcoin price drop +120%
tesla stock +110%
etrade +110%
bitcoin hashrate +100%
tom lee bitcoin +90%
bitcoin graph +90%
bitcoin cryptocurrency price +90%
btc price +90%
coindesk +80%
bch price +80%
bitcoin drop today +80%
s&p 500 +70%
bch +70%
bitcoin abc +70%

Hopefully this list will give you some ideas on what to do now. Hint: whatever you do – stay calm.

The only thing we will point out is that celebrity babies are still way ahead in popularity in whatever happened to that geek money again… Bitcoin will be fine.

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