Bitcoin Debit Card Europe – AdvCash releases Crypto cards for EU, EEA, Europe

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AdvCash has finally released prepaid crypto debit cards that work for EU customers.

The company has been moving at a fast pace, recently re-launching their bitcoin debit card services for Russia.

Sign up to AdvCash if you are a Russia or a EU resident. In fact, sign up not to miss them going live in your country either!

Here’s the official announcement that AdvCash distributed through email yesterday:

Great news, ADV cards are now available for the entire European Union.
Log into your account to order new cards and/or get free replacement cards for your old ones (if they were active when our old card program was shut down).
ADV cards give you easy payments all over the world, no maintenance charges, instant funding for a low fixed fee and much more.
The main things you need to know:
Plastic and virtual cards in EUR are available.
Free delivery via regular mail and express delivery for a fee.
You can replace your old cards with new ones for free, or you can also order new cards now and replace your old cards for free later.
You will easily find all the fees, limits and other details in your account.
Coming soon: our international card program with USD/EUR cards for most countries of the world.
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