Bitcoin/Crypto debit card Canada residents can order and use – coming in 2018

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September 19th 2018 update:

Wirex is now available in Canada. Another promise kept!

Wirex is on a roll lately – the company has recently released the best Bitcoin debit card for UK and EU, then added Litecoin balances to the dashboard, and added XRP wallet to cash out Ripple just this week.

All POS purchases you make with the Wirex crypto card give you a 0.5% cryptoback that gets accumulated in your account. There is literally zero other working crypto debit card that does this (sign up to Wirex here).

As if that was not impressive enough, according to company reps they are going to offer prepaid crypto debit cards to Canadians this year:

If you are Canadian and looking to cash out BTC, LTC or XRP – sign up and get verified with Wirex to be the first one to get your card. It’s a VISA card that lets you withdraw your crypto as fiat cash in ATMs and use it at POS terminals. You can view the card limits in this detailed crypto debit card comparison.

Alternatively, read the full Wirex review. If Wirex does not work for you for some reason – consider this list of Wirex alternatives.



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