wallet scam test. Bitpay and Copay removed from Google play.

May 2020 update – wallet app for Android does not label BCH as the “the real” Bitcoin anymore.

The two currencies are clearly labeled as different things and there are separate buttons to buy each:

bitcoincom android app fixed 2020


Thus, the article below is obsolete and has been redacted.

======= september 2018 post continued below =========== web wallet was known for its’s controversy and some claimed it was promoting Bitcoin Cash (BCH) over the actual Bitcoin (BTC). We’ve touched it in the previous review. The wallet was consistently getting bad reviews, here’s the amount of 1 star responses it had in 2018 now: bitcoin com wallet reviews

At some point the wallet was removed from Google PlayStore, but it came back later. The users are continuing to leave consistently bad reviews about it: bitcoin com wallet bad reviews

Is the wallet really scammy and misleading? Live test

Some commenters have been saying that wallet does not deserve all the heat as they do not misrepresent cryptocurrencies.

That is, they leave the BTC option clearly visible for users and so on.

We’ve decided to install the wallet to see if it’s really legit or not.

Here’s a step-by-step process of installing the wallet: wallet installation google play   Google Play installation. All good. wallet first launch android   First app launch android wallet first launch address creation   Creating wallets… seems OK wallet dashboard bch and btc …and we’re in the dashboard of the wallet.

BCH is listed above BTC, it’s questionable, but not outright scammy.

The name “Bitcoin core” sounds as if it’s another fork, but I guess some could live with that.

Let’s click “buy Bitcoin” – sic – BITCOIN – and see where that takes us: wallet buy bitcoins   Not connecting anything, just going the default way… Tap “buy with a credit card” wallet buy bitcoin 2   OK, let’s go. Tapping “buy Bitcoin” and getting redirected to their website ( in the browser: wallet buy bitcoin website misleading SCAM Voila… Bitcoin Cash is RECOMMENDED? By whom, why? That’s actually the misleading part.

This is where the notorious substitution happens. That little recommended  word under BCH is a clear example of why the Bitcoin community considers an unreliable, misleading website.

Sure, BCH may be recommended by, but it’s not THE bitcoin that newcomers are after buying. It’s not the Bitcoin that makes the news or buys almost anything.

Verdict: wallet, that is the Android app itself, is not outright scammy, though it labels BTC “bitcoin core”, as if it’s just another fork, which is strange.

However, when you try to buy Bitcoin with a credit card you are getting to a misleading page that favors BCH over BTC.

This could fool first-time Bitcoin users into buying BCH instead of BTC.



BitPay and CoPay wallets removed from Google Play

In other news, Bitpay and Copay wallets have been taken down from the PlayStore as well: We covered problems with BitPay recently – they encourage BCH use by adding arbitrary extra fees to all BTC payments – read the BitPay problems review here. Ironically, BitPay is also founded by Roger Ver, the notorious promoter of the BCH fork as “satoshis vision”. There is too much controversy surrounding these ordinary per se products, so it’s not really a big deal if they get removed from Google’s market or not. There are a lot of great Bitcoin wallets and crypto payment gateways to use instead of wallet and BitPay. It would only be interesting to learn the official reasons why Google removed them, hopefully someone will leak that eventually – follow us on Twitter to stay tuned!

  1. Tim says

    “Bitcoin Cash is RECOMMENDED? By whom, why?”

    Recommended by whom? By obviously. Is it really that hard to understand? If your local restaurant said the steak is recommended, would you ask “By whom” ?

    Recommended, why? There is a tonne of content on explaining why. Would you prefer if they linked to that content? Sounds like a good idea to me but I’m guessing you wouldn’t like that either!

    1. Staff says

      See my reply to your colleague below. You are doing everything so that the person who wants to buy ONE coin, bought ANOTHER coin.

  2. Jessica says

    You in your own article show that it clearly indicates which is which and then you get butt hurt because BCH is recommended? By whom? of course! Are you daft?

    There’s nothing wrong with this at all; the scam is in your mind because you believe that new people who have no prior experience with Bitcoin are looking for your Bitcoin. But are they? Or are they really looking for the Bitcoin that they have heard about based on the properties that made it popular since it started in 2009? If so, then BTC is the scam because it has moved the goal posts and become something completely different, yet continues to advertise itself as Bitcoin.. BCH on the other hand carries on the original project that is the very same formula that got Bitcoin to where it is now. I personally think it’s a scam to NOT point this out to new users. Given them all the information then give them the choice (a recommendation is just a suggestion after all).

    Good luck getting outraged every time someone with a brain makes an educated decision to not use BTC.

    1. Staff says

      You are trying very hard to prove something that’s so obviously wrong.

      Whoever wants to buy Bitcoin Cash googles “buy bitcoin cash”. Whoever wants to buy Bitcoin googles “buy bitcoin”. You are selling Bitcoin Cash to people who want to buy Bitcoin. Those are two different coins with different prices and different adoption stages.

      If you advocate BCH for whatever reasons – you are free to do so. People promote Monero, Litecoin or Dash because they think they are better than Bitcoin. No one considers them scammers, because they do not mis-sell their coins to people who clearly want to buy Bitcoin, BTC. Even saying “this is better than Bitcoin” would be OK, but your app just pushes BCH to anyone willing to _buy bitcoin_.

      I am allowing your comment and replying only for the people who will read this later, you’re obviously on a salary (or just delusional).

      1. Robert says

        I disagree with this assumption.

        >>> “Whoever wants to buy Bitcoin Cash googles ‘buy bitcoin cash’. Whoever wants to buy Bitcoin googles ‘buy bitcoin’.”

        It is really not like that. Everyone who tried to explain it to family members knows that. — People like to have the ‘real’ thing. It’s the same with cheese or cars or any other brand.

        In this case Bitcoin (BTC) is today not Bitcoin anymore because it has broken the promise which made the brand strong in the first place. The USP was Digital-Cash (global, cheap, fast, permissenless digital money for every person on the planet) It is more than fair to point out and educate users instead of leaving them on a project which can not deliver for future demand.

  3. […] wallet scam test. Bitpay and Copay removed from Google play. […]

  4. Steve says

    Anyway it is a great and simple to use app for BCH and BTC. I works flawless fast and secure. And this is actually what matters when it comes to adaption on the street. It really doesn’t matter which of the two Bitcoins is named first and which one second. This information is anyway already general knowledge. Everybody knows about the two coins. And the people who don’t know have an option with this App to choose.

    1. Staff says

      > Everybody knows about the two coins.

      No. Not the first time buyers who go to a dot com thinking it’s an official site.

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